90s Nicktoon Cartoon Crossover Movie


Well, this has my interest.

Gonna suck ass. Watch them try to make it live-action…

Current Nick has no idea why those characters are still beloved.

Stop bein negative all time po damn

anywho the fact that rocko is in means this movie has potential

Fox is making a live-action Mega Man movie… I got good reason to be negative all the time.

Rocko gonna be in this movie for five seconds… Stop getting hype for obvious trash just because they toss you a tiny morsel.

The fuck does Mega Man have to do with this? lol

Fuck the haters. Can’t wait for more Ren and Stimpy

All these cartoons have totally different themes.
Just make a new season of Rocko’s Modern Life and Ren and Stimpy by the original creators and I’m hyped.

Make a dumbass crossover movie and I won’t give a shit.

Actually FUCK NICKELODEON for ruining both Rocko and Ren and Stimpy altogether with their fucking dumbass censorship on everything that was sexual references in Rocko and for censoring what they deemed too offensive in Ren and Stimpy. If not for those Nickelodeon corporate fucks, those toons would’ve got a lot more interesting seasons. Those 2 cartoons weren’t kids shows anyways.

Maybe Arnold will finally find his parents now.

anyone remember the time all the abc cartoons teamed up for some weird drug psa animate movie?

Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue… The only movie to feature Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, and the TMNT all in the same film.

That shit even had Smurfs…

Shit made me want to do drugs.

Oh, you mean this?


what do ya know, I’m doing drugs.

none of you are wondering what will happen when Stimpy meets Helga Pataki?

Can we get some Doug in this?

Hopefully John K is involved. Ren and Stimpy are no good without him.

I’m down as long as it’s not Food Fight terrible.

Finally learn what his last name is.


I can totally see Arnold banging Helga’s hot older sister.

I thought she got married though.

Helga was always the star of that show. Her life was pretty messed up.

I’d rather have a “Cartoons Cartoons” Era CN crossover movie. They did do some crossover comics though which included some series outside of that brand.

I’m surprise they don’t do those type of “random shorts” shows that broadcasts pilots which eventually become series if they are popular enough. Guess they have youtube and other avenues for that.

This could be ok though.