90s Nicktoon Cartoon Crossover Movie

They were pretty lax on censorship back in the day. When Nickelodeon fire John K and had their own studio (Games Animation) take over, Ren and Stimpy got even more fucked up.


This is just the tip of the iceberg for the Games run. I think they just wanted John K out of the picture because he wasn’t delivering cartoons on time.


And I loved it BTW. I’m a sick fuck. I got the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre VHS as an Xmas present when I was 9 and watched it every Xmas.

Yeah, some scenes were cut during syndication but just the fact that Nickelodeon took a chance with these shows and Invader Zim earns them some props. Also this:


Helga and her family were suppose to have their own spin-off show but was canned. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized that their mom was an alcoholic.

Do a space jam type thing with the animated characters.

Yeah I know. Shame that fell through.
Her whole family was fucked up.

Damn I miss that show.


I’m not even lying.

Give me time guys it take a long time to draw this shit

That was always a free rental at the video store, too.

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Oh, you mean this?


Politicians ruin your life forever too! Even before you where born kids!

I was well in to like, age 6 when that came out.

i’m so tired of “them” as in “they”…whoever the fuck “they” are…trying to cash in on 80’s baby/90’s kid nostalgia and failing terribly at it

if doug does come back then he needs to let patti’s cockteasing ass know what time it is

ended his own series with blue balls, foh

Doug needs to move on, she was a deadend. Olga Pataki is where it’s at.

rocko or bust

I was hoping this was a fighting game.

Live-action with My Cousin Skeeter plz :coffee:

We wont see Doug, Disney owns the rights.

Could have potential, Nick has been doing pretty good lately in terms of show quality. (New TMNT)

As an Avatar fan, I cannot disagree more strongly… That franchise continually got the shaft from Nick because the creators refused to dumb down the show to the execs’ liking.

Well not so much dumb it down but…water down how visceral it can be.

I mean the first season ended on a Murder/Suicide with threat of another suicide. Even Batman:TAS is like “Calm yourself down a bit”. It was good TV but even I have to admit that TLOK probably had no business on any kids channel.

They’re negotiating for the rights to use him in this

They should just do Rocko v Ren and Stimpy. Mashing all that shit together will just turn out like some gluten-free vegan pancake.