911 caller of walmart shooting death of a black man by police.Yeah,he lied about the whole thing.SMH


So i remember this was going down, but my attention was elsewhere, so now the truth comes out.



This guy also said he was an ex-marine. Yeah, you were a fucking marine for 7 weeks in 2008 before being tossed out for fraudulent enlistment. Also, while i understand the reasoning, i almost feel like fuck the attorney general too. Its always okay for everyone to drop video of black men to character assassinate them, but when you have a video that shows a completely different story than the lie that caller said, and a possible over step and civil rights violation by police officers in a concealed carry state, its “Oh, well we dont wanna release it until the investigation is done”.

See, this that bullshit. Sometimes i be like, fuck all this integration shit to some extent, and black/brown folk need to just get back on their black wall street shit again. People of any color can come join the communities if you aint bout the bullshit, but it may be time all brown and black skin people dial back the bullshit, get on that good shit, and start developing your own towns, with your own businesses, etc… Places where a black man can talk on his phone in walmart while carrying a bb gun, and no one calls the cops on him telling lies that eventually not only lead to that young mans death, but also the death of an innocent bystander who had a heart attack from witnessing the event.


Yeah i could chop it up to a fucked up incident in a world of fucked up people of all colors and ethnicities, but i feel some type of way about it, especially since he was killed over bullshit lies, not just arressted and harrassed for something he didnt do.

The 911 caller might have had some racial bias, as he clearly wasnt some hippy liberal afraid of guns since he enlisted in the marines, but thats just speculation on any racial bias. Why even make up an outrageous lie like that if you have no bias at all? There is something deeper there. I mean, i remember getting equally as pissed over the white guy who got killed in a vegas walmart a few years ago because he was carrying his concealed weapon, but some random employee called the cops on him, and they overreacted. This is part racial, and part america going to shit, with cops violating your rights any chance they can get, because they are just hired, pussy ass sheep at this point. Even if they wanted to do their job right, one of their own would probably snitch on them, and they would harrass that person until they quit, like theyve been caught doing so many times now.

Fucked up man.


Also more details in this video interview. Seems when the father and mother saw the video, the father thought something was wrong with the video, since his son was standing so still and calm for so long before cops came, and shots ran out. Also it will be very odd if they confirmed they showed the 911 caller the video at all. What would be the purpose of that at all other then to seemingly corroborate a story.


Before the thread even starts

Satire site or real?


Not even shocked. Well at least in this case there is evidence to expose the bullshit.


Damn there is no media coverage on this


Not faulting the cops much here. The witness there deserves some time in prison. And to get rocked a few times while there.


Yeah, i mean i shouldnt jump to conclusions yet, because we have no coroner report, and they havent released the video yet, but the video seems to paint a story that crawford was shot on sight.


No, both need to get punished. Specifically the cop.


That witness is a piece of shit. There was an article in I think the Week earlier this week that pointed out you don’t even need a permit to openly carry a gun in Ohio so it shouldn’t have been a problem. The store itself carried the “weapon” in question yet everyone ignored this.

That witness deserves jail time.


Seriously tho, they need to hurry up and arrest that dumbass witness, because its 2 counts of manslaughter hes due to get fucked with at the very least


That. A cop’s mindset going into what could be another mass shooting makes the resulting death unsurprising. One person created this situation in the first place. And he just happened to be a bitchmade white boy. Shocking.


Don’t toy guns all have orange tips? How could the officers not see that?


Mass shootings account for less than 1 percent of all firearm deaths in the US. That’s not a fucking excuse. Maybe stop watching CNN and Fox news.

Police shouldn’t be allowed to shoot first and ask questions later, this motherfucjer did not notice that no one was panicking, no one else called 911, and the dude was doing nothing but standing.

Police need to get punished for not thinking.


Not saying the police didn’t fuck up. Still think concerned citizen needs to be punished.

As you alluded to, though, the sensationalism that surrounds mass shootings (rare as they are) is a problem. One that may have contributed tor this and other things like it happening.


Fyi Razor you do need a permit to openly carry a gun in Ohio.

Source: I live here


You need a license to carry a CONCEALED weapon. Even if this were a real gun he didn’t need a license to carry it openly.


So a caller lied, a cop replied, and a man died. That about it?

I really hope this guy gets jail time for this. He didn’t make a mistake, He straight up tried to cause trouble, which caused two people to die. If EVER there was a time to show the public that the police will not be used as attack dogs for people to sic upon their own neighbors, this is it.


…Fingers crossed and shit, but I really ain’t believing that anything worthwhile will get done. I still have the bad taste of the affluenza win case in my mouth.



I can fault the cops when I see this

“The attorney said as Crawford leaned on the pellet gun like a cane, he was “shot on sight” in a “militaristic” response by police.”

How is he a threat to shoot anyone if he’s leaning on the gun?


Also, that former Navy SEAL Heben who claimed he got shot by a bunch of black guys and plugged the wound and chased them down and, for good measure, probably asked his enemy to “look at what they make you give” made that whole thing up too. And those thugs never shot that baby in the stroller, that other black guy never drowned that woman’s kids or shot that man’s wife, etc.

I still don’t understand why the witness even said he had a gun. Surely the black man got detention in high school or stole some Mike and Ikes when he was nine, making him “no angel” and deserving of death.