925 and the whole bay area

Hey guys, i was interested in getting some local games going in the 925 and even the greater bay area. I feel like shoryuken.com is a good place to start but i also made a fb group called The Bay Area Fighting Game Community if anyones interested so we can keep in touch better. I am not sure if i am breaking any rules by promoting this but if so, you have my condolences. I just really want to get some games going in either ae/sfxt/kofxiii/sf3/mbaa.

Ps… Search The Bay Area Fighting Game Community on Facebook

If you’re looking for 925 sessions we have a thread already and a session/tourney tonight.


If you want to come to the session it starts @5pm (with a $5 venue) and the location is here:

2712 El Rey Street, Antioch, CA