925 East Bay (San Ramon) Session 11/27/10

im planning on having a session go on at my place tonight… just a small session, maybe 10 peoples tops. ill have some booze and there are places to crash if people need it. I’m hoping to start having these bi-monthly, but we shall see. if youre interested send me a PM. spots are reserved for first come, first serve. I have 3 tvs and 2 systems, so if youre planning to come and can bring a setup that would be awesome.

this is for ssf4, but i do have SSF2THDR on ps3, planning on picking up a ps2 soon since i have a copy of CvsSNK2, but no system.


Yo shytzoo this has officially become the new 925 contact page, if you’d like to add anything feel free to post a message up here as much as you’d like. While you’re at it I highly advise you to delete this thread, we’ll be doing it big from here on out son! :cool: :u:

ill most likely be hosting another session this friday. im hoping to start it early because i have a funeral to attend on saturday. you may ask why im trying to host while i have a funeral to attend, but i need something to get my mind off of it. i lost a dear friend to me this past weekend and it’s been messing me up all week.

San Ramon? Man, I should definitely go to this.

(anyone out there still looking for a team for the NCR 3v3s? my team needs one more member.)

That’s what you said on the NCR thread, dude if you’re really trying to find a teammate do yourself a favor and pay a visit to the main thread I just showed you at the very top. We have plenty of killers here for hire, and I wouldn’t mind joining your team even though I’m not too good at SSF4. I’m not trying to make any of my posts seem like a waste of space, I have them up there for a reason… :nono:

hmmmm… mmmmmmmmmmgood


Welp, just got off work so there’d be no point in going anyway.
Hope the next one is on a day I have off.

you should have came. we finished just now.

i’m so coming to the next one of these!

PAUL!!! U’z my newest homie!!! Ncr was sick!!

ok so, i was fairly drunk saturday night when i met everyone, apologies if i forgot your name.

can we do like a recap of names/characters people play now that i’m sober…

i remember paul and will, i don’t remember the names of the makoto player, who haikuwar is… i remember talking to him but not his actual name or which character he plays, oh and i am completely blanking on the name of that makoto player (which is bad cause i have met you twice now)…

oh, and which one were you sikwidit?

i’m kyle the cammy player.

I was the bald headed mexican lookin guy with Tat’s playing Blanka n Bison

I’m soooo down for the next sesh. I’ll bring the PBR

Im the Rufus player lol. Im Filipino.

if anyone is from around the san jose/milpitas area and is going pleeeeeez help me:shake: im ride-less and could severely use the practice. i met southpaw n marquezf at ncr (its me, the trenchcoat guy) and you guys seemed really cool! if u could post a date for the next one i might be able to plan a ride but not 100% sure. i’ll pm u shytzoo a lil later when i got more time…work 4 now.

yeah man we never got those casuals in (at least i dont remember getting them in), we gotta get some in next time. i think im going to starbase tonight, if youre there well get them then.

yeah dude i dont remember a lot of people too… i was beyond drunk. that makoto is john. next session will most likely be the weekend after this weekend, cause i blew a bunch of cash that weekend and i need to wait for my next payday.

hey man… you were the guy with Kyle right? my memory is so spotty i feel bad i cant remember names. im good with faces though.

Yeeea, thats me. Dude with the Mickeys hand grenades all night. Let me know when you get shit crackin. This is America and I want to get drunk!

hhahah… AMERICA!!! FUCK YEA!!! will definitely hit you up sir