925X -- Sosage's OG Street Fighter II Monthly Meet Up/Tournament


As some of you may know, I run a Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting machine out of Phoenix Games in Concord, CA. I want to start running a monthly meet up/tournament for Hyper Fighting and Super Turbo at the store every last Sunday of the month.

The general idea is that sign ups for Hyper Fighting open at 1PM. Hyper Fighting tournament starts at 2PM. Then right after Hyper Fighting, we open up sign ups for a Super Turbo tournament. Then we run that. If we end before the store closes, we can run casuals.

-Double Elimination
-$5 bucks per tournament
-$2 to house, $3 to pot
-If match is on an arcade cabinet, rock/paper/scissor for position
-Matches are best 2 out of 3 games
-Finals are best 3 out of 5 games
-Winner keeps character, loser may switch
-16 or more players = top 3 get pay out. Less than 16, top 2 get pay out. 8 or less, winner takes all.

I know people are kinda “enh” on Hyper Fighting, but I highly recommend taking advantage of being able to play other human beings at it once a month. Fundamentals are everything in that game. Get your OG skills sharp with Hyper Fighting as an appetizer, then apply it to Super Turbo as the main course. :wink:

Current schedule

June 28th 2015 (HF sign ups at 1, start at 2. ST immediately after HF)
California Extreme July 18th *
July 26th 2015 August 2nd
August 30th 2015
September 27th 2015

I need your help

We currently have Hyper Fighting equipment mostly figured out, with around three set ups running the CPS-1 version of the game (the arcade cabinet in Phoenix Games, a candy cab I’m hauling down for the day, and Reuben’s SuperGun). I’m trying to work out running Super Turbo, but we don’t have any CPS-2 ST set ups. With the final Sunday of the month looming, it looks like we’re going to be running HDR.

I only have one 360 running HDR and an Asus monitor. I’d like to have two more set ups to make things easier/quicker. If you plan on coming out, please consider bringing a set up. PM me here if you can help out. Hopefully, as these meetings progress, we’ll have equipment better figured out.

Modern FGC shit at Phoenix Games

Phoenix Games wants to run modern FGC stuff as well, although the room is a bit tight. 925X is separate from that. It’s just my thing where I want to play some OG SF2 with others, without going on GGPO/Fightcade/XBL.

*=I run the Hyper Fighting tournament at California Extreme. It’s on Saturday July 18th. Sign ups at 1, start at 2. 5 buck entry. You need to pay to get into show, so make sure you want to be there for more than the tournament to make it worth while. 32 player cap, so make sure you get there in time. It tends to fill up very quickly.

What’s California Extreme? An arcade and pinball show where crazy idiots like myself drag gigantic truck loads of coin-op equipment from our private garages to the South Bay, and let the public bang on our games for the weekend. I try to organize the Capcom fighter section of the show.


Next week’s meeting has been pushed back to August 2nd. You can still show up and play Hyper Fighting, on July 26th (or any day), but you better bring quarters…please bring quarters. I have a little girl that needs to go to college. :wink: