949/714 Thread

I’m new to this SRK even i signed on around 07 and i would like to know does anyone in the 949 area and 714 area plays any fighting games, i play only kof Xi (which i havent touch for a year) i can play GG AC, cvs2, mvc2 and Sf 3-4 but i’m really not good at those game. I would have a get together if possible

thank you

woah woah woah, whats going on here

this is some matrix type shit! hahaha

im in.

my brain just explod…

Check the message i sent u

I’m also looking for some more local SF4 players (I’m in Irvine). Anyone who wants to get some games in, shoot me a message.


I’m also in the Irvine area looking to get in some games either locally or via XBOX Live. Gotta train so I don’t stay a scrub for too long!

what the hell, I’m in Irvine too haha.

well i knew irvine have alot of players but mostly of them dont play each other =/ so i was wondering where we can meet up? (at someone house?) just pm me or im me

my aim is jays0nnn

I say we should start playing some games online first via PSN, XBL, GGPO, whatever and if we get enough people interested and talking to one another we can see if somebody would be willing to open up their place for some sessions.

hey i go to school in irvine, so if you guys ever set something up im down. got a ps3 stick though, so yeh

I can’t open my place up but i’m sure someone else but yeah we need to set something up

Any Irvine players who want to get together for some games, I’d be happy to host. I know there’s a pretty decent fighting game community around since (until recently) I was attending semi-weekly Soul Calibur get togethers.

I’m right next to UCI on the corner of Jamboree and Michelson and am free most evenings and weekends. Just PM me if you’re interested and I’ll send directions. FYI I have a PS3 and one extra stick.

ggs with rexy and omar last night

why isnt this thread more lively?!

GGs last night Dale. This thread, oh this thread. :coffee:

I’m in Irvine as well. Wouldn’t mind playing some games on PSN also.

I’m in 949 also. I’ll be sending friend requests on PSN unless y’all do it first.

I’m in Irvine, send me some PSN requests and later maybe we can get together. Thanks!

PSN: lifeisrad