954 Showdown FULL RESULTS

954 Showdown Results

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike: 16 Players

Everdred proves himself once and for all

1st Douglas Haig, Everdred
2nd Roberto Rios, Ein2001
3rd Ozzie Delisle, Sentinels Force
4th Lovell Vassell, 2Nasty
5th Alex Walbert, Servbotrolltrap
5th Ryan Waxberg, Sleipnir
7th Garrett Cohen, Madfuni
7th Jose Paz, Rock Bottom
9th Peter Susini, FlashMetroid
9th Dwayne Duchanan, Iceman212
9th Chris Cohen, Esquiste
9th Fernando Campos, Soleater84
13th Gabriel Negron, GlueHuffer136
13th Brandon Rachal, Artayes
13th Roberto Velasco, Geist22
13th Ryan Mccrea, JonyBlaz46

Capcom Vs SNK 2: 15 Players

Robert Rios new Miami champ? Maybee on console

1st Roberto Rios, Ein2001
2nd Alex Walbert, Servbotrolltrap
3rd Ozzie Delisle, Sentinels Force
4th Brandon Rachal, Artayes
5th Dwayne Duchanan, Iceman212
5th Peter Susini, FlashMetroid
7th Roberto Velasco, Geist22
7th Fernando Campos, Soleater84
9th Garrett Cohen, Madfuni
9th Jose Paz, Rock Bottom
9th Chris Cohen, Esquiste
9th Gabriel Negron, GlueHuffer136
13th Lovell Vassell, 2Nasty
13th Ryan Waxberg, Sleipnir
13th Douglas Haig, Everdred

Guilty Gear XX: 16 Players

Just 2Nasty for Heidern98

1st Lovell Vassell, 2Nasty
2nd Jeff Tessar, Heidern98
3rd Peter Susini, FlashMetroid
4th Jose Paz, Rock Bottom
5th Garrett Cohen, Madfuni
5th Fernando Campos, Soleater84
7th Roberto Rios, Ein2001
7th Mark Haidar, Fyren
9th Aldo De los santos, Inca
9th Chris Cohen, Esquiste
9th Roberto Velasco, Geist22
13th Ozzie Delisle, Sentinels Force
13th Brandon Rachal, Artayes
13th Terry Rodriguez, NO GIVEN SCREEN NAME
13th Ryan Mccrea, JonyBlaz46

Well the tourny was a blast and turned out much better then I expected. Everyone cooperated cept for Ozzie which is normal. I got to say goodbye in person to almost all of my gamer friends. Lovell is just to damn good.

Well thats it… or is it? I might not be going so soon since I cant find my Birth Certificate which is needed for my passport. YAY!! Anyway it was a nice goodbye and hope you guys dont mind if i stay a bit. Love and peace. Ill post more later.

EDIT: Im submitting this to Wizard for the APEX points so people can relax… I wont say any names EVERDRED. Iceman, I might need you to speak with wizard to make sure he understands that I ran the tourny and the results are legit, but I doubt it.

Awesome tournament Jeff. Nice playing everyone and meeting some new people hopefully I’ll play with again now that I live in Miami.

Thanks to Ozzie (or do you spell it Ozzy?) well anyways thanks for the ride home I really appreciate it.

Thanks to Brendon, Terry, Peter, for the ride there and Jeff for arranging that.

Good luck in the Philipines if you go.

will post photos later

More fun than you can imagine… once again I had no idea what was going on that nite… so I don’t know how I beat Robert, but that was my favorite fight of the nite. (robert is da shit!) jeff can suck these nuts for taking me out again. Lovell proved that winners do use drugs. And that was your big ass paparazzi camera?! Well that’s good jeff , maybe we’ll be able to play agin before you leave? That’d be cool. Let me know whats up, so we can plan shit. Everyone was mad cool, and I look forward to playing you guys again. and I’m going to Ozzfest this thursday!!! fuck yeah!!! later.

Sounds like fun was had. Sorry we couldn’t make it :frowning: I **really ** hope to see you before you leave. Maybe we can make plans to go to boomers together some night or something.

If you ever want, you can call me on my new cell: 772-215-6229

2Nasty: Be sure to pull off Potemkin’s destroyer on Jeff. Thats the best way to win :smiley: :lol:

u guys all rock, except for rock bottom cus he’s a burn out, kidding

this tourny was great, i cant believe that u guys r so nice in person, i hope to see u guys again in more spacial and casual circuimstances… if u guys ever come to ny to visit make sure u get in contact with me so we can go to CTF and play some games

i didnt get passed a j that whole night.:frowning:

but i did rule in puzzle fighter! mwa hahahahaaha…

u guys r awesome keep up the great playing

lots of fun this tourney was… i would say one of the best ones… there was too much funny shit goin on the elite krew end… iwas crackin up most of the night…

i had to work really hard to beat ya guys in ggxx… good games every body… i even played 3S for a lil… that wasnt that bad…

and alex… very nice of you to take the hottiewith you… :wink: yes… very nice…

anyway… nice meetting you people…

2nasty: whoa watch out man thats my girl you’re talkin about hehe. good shit with Urien btw you fucked me up that last game.

Well it was a fun tournament overall. Jeff much props for taking the time and money to put this together, the place was a little cramped, but what are you gonna do.

Good job to Tito, you had my number that night. That was definitely not the best I can play. I think I was just having one of those days, my customs weren’t coming out, I can’t RC well on console, and practically sitting inside the TV with a left foot that had fallen asleep wasn’t helping. But I’m not trying to take anything away from you, you played well. You turtled your ass off, but you played well :stuck_out_tongue: . I mean shit, I almost lost to Ozzy :lol: . No offense Oz, but I know you don’t even touch that game. Anyways, good shit everybody.

Jeff my name is Alex Walbert, not Walberg lol. Thanks.

Yeah, I remember that match. It was a tough fight , but the “higher” player one…lol, I made a funny( Note: Anyone who finds this joke weak please don’t respond to it). Anyway, it looks like you accomplished what you said…" I am going to take Robert out of the tourney". It would have been better if you said,“Robert is going to win this tourney”. Thanks for the great match, and hopefully I get to play you again. Laterz.

Yeah, I know I turtled my ass off …, but hey cvs2 is latin for “turtle fest”. Also, I feel ya… I can only roll-cancel consistently on the mass that i play on. Damn, you were that tough and you weren’t at 100%… I must perfect the art of the roll-cancelling turtle in order to defeat you, or maybe i should rush you down while ozzie hits your start button…either way, I want you to know that i had fun playing against you, and hopefully we will play against each other again.

Hey jeff read my signature if you haven’t yet. As a Kenshin fan and a mvc2 player i had to combine both at least once.

ServbotRollTrap yeah good games… we should add you on the elite krew for cvs2… hehe… yeah i think somebody told me that was your girl… nice chick…

Ein2001 what happen in ggxx…? how did you let jose and me get by…

Heidern98 you know this was the 2nd time me and you had to play in a tourney for 1st… just not the same game… but this time good games… crazy shit… funny how we came up with new shit to hit one another with in the match…

EVERDRED you aint shit nikka… i’ll fuck your whole day up… :mad: naa im playin… you kool with me… good games… and nice remy ass kickin you gave me…

Sleipnir yeah… let me know when you get the pics… its kool if i put some of them on the tek site…?

and JonyBlaz46 cant 4get to give a shotie to blaz here… cuz that shit had me on another level… :lol:

Iceman212 how you wanted to be apart a the krew…and cant even say was up to me or whoever…? but good games… and i’ll see you again at some other tourney…

and peter you almost beat me…well till i put POT in rush down mode… then you didnt know what the fuck to do… :lol: good stuff

Nah Tito youve definitely gotten better since the last time I played you. I’d like to get together and play again sometime next week if you want. Let me know.

watching lovell and jeff play during that final actually made me want to learn how to play GGXX, HOPEFULLY by next tourny with u guys i might have worked on it and have enough courage to enter because i never saw such intense yet interesting gameplay outside of third strike.

i wanna learn venom.

Oh so what you’re saying robert is that you were high also!!! maybe that’s why you lost to me. 2Nasty and me didn’t face each other once in the tournament …what the hell must of been that cracka who ran the brackets (racist mofo)!! lol no wonder he won. nah 2nasty was too powerful that nite. Robert you’re too cool man, I really hope we get to play again soon, and you’re not tired like you were. Jeff I don’t think people thank you enough for the shit you do, I know it was stressful running shit while people are not paying attention and going crazy. (example = me.) but you always manage to pull it off, you’re just the man like that I guess? good thing you got to toke back a few when everything got chilled and just hung out that was awesome lol. To my homie ryan (jonyblaz46) who brought the “cheeba” and is improving so fucking quickly! I need to teach him some more stuff. and to beatrice… i dunno why… actually … we all know why.

about the last thing jose just said… :lol: sweet dreams my friends…

Robert knows his anime :wink:
He’s way too good!

Looks like that little 1 hour 3S lesson I gave you at Evo while we were both drunk payed off. :lol:

Thanks for the props all but i have to thank you all for being cool and coming. Everyone cooperated and rulled. I had so much fun. Lovell was so god damn awsome at that tourny. I dont think I have ever had a such a tactical game for a while if ever. Seriously guys, much love and I hope that we can have something big in december. Either way I want to chill again real soon. Ill keep in touch online while im over there. Should be leaving a little after a week most likely so… maybee another chill session? Depends how strapped I am for time.

Oh and Doug… you are straight with me now man. You are real cool in person. Lets all try to be straight with each other online. But your cracka azz is lucky i didnt come into that Bathroom and rape you in puzzle fighter. Ask anyone who has played me… whos your daddy:cool:

PS Roberts sig is top tier


Since this was your tournament originally and you registered an account with APEX, you need submit these results. You should have received detailed info when you registered so please do so immediatly since all these guys want there points. There is nothing further I can do. Oh and all of the results are on the first page… you can even copy and paste it.

good stuff…my first competition didnt end up as bad as i thought it would…everyone was cool except for a few people…as everyone has stated before…hopefully once jeff leaves someone else will take the initiative to set these puppy’s up…thanks again jeff.