954 Showdown FULL RESULTS

WAIT… you guys got drunk at evo with out me… wtf…

writes ICEMAN hate letters telling him to get his lazy ass to post the APEX points

if you wanted some a the goods… ya got to let us know… we dont push anything on anybody…

and about this points thing… i mean jeff did the tourney and this is all he is askin for…

this is to everybody… why was it every time i hit jeff with something it sounded like i was the bad guy and i was killin the hero… almost like some of you wanted me to lose… in GGXX…
jeff has won ggxx tournies before… so i dont understand why somebody wouldnt want me to win one too… i mean damn… its nothing big… i just want to know why… if anybody “thinks” they know why… just let me know…

Dude … i paid them off… dont worry… sides… i was rooting for you man. You are the best.

nothing against u personally 2nasty, i mean i dont even know u but your a cool guy but maybe ppl wanted to see jeff win since he’s going away.

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We got drunk the Monday you left at around 7:00 or 8:00 p.m. that night.

Sorry Jeff. :frowning:

Either way we could have gotten drunk any night before that but it was pretty much impossible due to the fact that the room we shared was always festering with random GGXX players for some strange reason. :stuck_out_tongue:

Whens the set date that you’ll be heading out Jeff? Let me know man, so I can give you a ring before it’s too late! :eek:

Why worry so much about APEX bro? You do know APEX points are going to be reset sometime before December right?

Yeah we had little bit to drink after you left so calm down you biotch! Are we gonna be able to chill this sunday? if not let me know so we can do something else this weekend. Wassup nathan my homie, yeah except i used ryu the whole time , and when I used necro i lost… figures heh. Are you guys practicing ggxx over there? I wanna see how good you do when we meet again! I got to play snk vs capcom and unlike the other people here i like it alot, and ill go play it again this weekend. Everdred: hmm lets see… you were wearing a dare shirt??? yeah maybe that’s why. lol besides , we never ask anyone man. (except for jeff cause he’s too funny!! lol) just bought vf4 evo for 20 $. im gonna get into this. hope we all get to hang out soon, later.


He said ASK? Dude, don’t ask. Just sit next to the end of the circle and BOGART that shit when it comes around. Be like “fuck y’all. This MY SHIT now.”

Thanks alot for everything, Jeff. Take care while you are gone. By the time you come back you will see me raping Ozzie up his ass with Amingo.:evil: (Not that I dont already do). Anyways,hope to do it again soon. Take care.

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oh i thought it would have been reset by now, since evo is in august… but its stupid to reset them in december cus that means u’ll only have 8 months to build points for the year if they suddenly feel next year they’ll reset in august…

if there is an ECC9 i wanted to build enough points then play at that tourny, my pockets at this point or too shallow to make it to cali for evo.

i wont worry about the points anymore… it just disturbs me how guiness is ahead of me on that list, and EVERYONE knows he’s a piece of doggy poop down here in florida. its nice to know i still have someone to trash talk even tho i’m in half decent relations with the other players.


Dont let these people down… please take some resposibility. Submit these results so the people who deserve there apex points actually get them…


~will teach you marvel for money

Mixup teach me…Ill pay ya and blaze a few chops with ya…lol…man we were kickin it too live at Evo2k3…AIM me…DocBizzle…


ive returned

i have returned from the virus era, yea, i caught it, my files, gone!!! all gone!!!

2nasty:my b man, i was mad shy, seriousely, i can bearly talk to any1 new, b saying stupid stuff, plus i have to leave early due to my grandpa was in the hospital again!:bluu:

good games, im not bragging or anything but iv been playing 3rd strike for about 4 weeks, and yun is like the only char. i can play with \

ozzie, good game, u the man

robert, hot!!!

evered, hot!!!

gj every1

btw: as far as the APEX goes, i lost it due to that blaster virus, so i have to re-regestered, sorry guys:(

ive returned

K just email the original person you spoke with and tell them what happened…

Thanks for replying.

Alright… I am done with this shit… I have been holding it in but now I have to let it out. First let me say that I get along with everyone. I dont flame and I never argue with people unless i am disrespected. Also, I always give people the benifit of the doubt and try to be cool about shit. Ask any of my friends and they will tell you that i hate confrontation and that I always let shit go. When I actually get angry at someone, thats when you know this shit has gotten out of hand. Let me start the story about this tourny.

Back when Iceman originally wanted to start up this tourny, he asked for some tips in the atl. south area of the forums. I offered some help and even to bring some tvs etc to the tourny. Then he announced this tourny and everything went fine. I even offerred to donate some cash for the room. He seemed to be doing a fine job organizing. He even got the tourny apexed. Now there were alot of peeps really interested in going.

Then as you all know, Iceman had to do something personal on the day of the tourny. Instead of trying to do something like have someone else help him run it while he was gone, he just trashed the whole thing. Hey its his right tho. But of course this destroys a tourny organizers credibility. Also, all the people who wanted to go get let down. Sucks right?

Well at that point I decided to pick it up… I knew I was leaving soon and that I wanted to see my friends again and also have a nice fun tourny. So I did everything. I made the reservations, paid $80 for the room, arranged for rides, made tons of phone calls, got all the systems, games, tvs, brackets(using my own laptop), ran all the tournies, and pretty much took care of everything. Now I was not complaining. It was a little upsetting that Iceman backed out, but whatever. Personal things are definitly important.

HOWFUCKINGEVER, he all of a sudden shows up to the tourny, meaning fully that he was able to run the tourny completely, considering the fact that he showed up about a half hour after I did. Now I was angry but I wasnt going to say anything. I know he is shy but he didnt even thank me in person. Also, he didnt even offer to give me a dime for the room, or help run the tourny. This really upset me but I wasnt going to start anything, cause I try to be cool to people even when wronged.

Now this whole APEX account thing. I make this thread after calculating the results myself. I try to submit them and I cant. Iceman cant since he has been having issues with his computer, understandable. So I speak to Mr. Wizard about the account and he tells me that the person who applied for it has to submit. I go back and leave a post for Iceman as you can see above… that shit goes unanswered for a few days… THEN, finnally he comes back with an explanation. He had a virus. Now he cant see his emails even tho he got a new computer. OF course he cant try submitting it through another computer… Figuring I am pulling teeth here, I go back to wizard, tell him the whole situation. There is nothing he can do apparently.

So yes people, our points won’t get recorded now because Iceman cant see his emails. Sorry to let you all down. Obviously this is all my fault.

Ok, Iceman, I wanna let you know. This is not a flame and I dont hate you and no i dont want to lower your credibility. You are welcome to any tourny I go to or throw and this is something that wont stop us from being friends. My problem is that you seemed to really fall short here and make a ton of lame excuses while I busted my ass for these people and my friends. It really upsets me. No one is asking you to do alot except find some fucking way to get these points submitted so these people can get the credit they deserve. People are proud and enjoy being praised for their skill. All you basically should have to do is borrow a friends computer, copy and paste the results from this thread, and submit. Thats all. It would take 2 mins. I am not a violent or angry person. I just want these people to get what they were told they were going to get. Thats it…

I know this post seems a little harsh and unlike me… I am sorry about that. I am just so frustraited with this whole situation… it sickens me. I try to do good for gamers and my friends, and this is just a real serious lack of respect for that I feel. Please come through and figure something out man. Thanks…

Jeff AKA Heidern98

At the very least the points don’t mean shit anyways:D

They didn’t even use them at evo…

PeaCe all

Ya i know… but not everyone feels that way. I could care less about my points honestly.

:lol: :lol: :lol: Are u mentally retarded???

Re: ive returned

Hey whats up jeff…seems you haven’t left yet. I know this is sudden but can you do me the small favor of putting my two names together…apparantly i have two names here on shoryuken…one is Roberto Rios(Ein2001), the other is Robert Rios. Since they have my name mispelled(Robert Rios) my apex points are in two different areas. I believe you had the same problem as well so can you give me advice as to who to talk to. Also, it is my fault(obviously) that the people writing names on the brackets mispelled my name cause most people know me as robert and I forgot to tell them that my whole first name was Roberto. So, sorry for the inconveniance, and if possible someone please make the necessary corrections.