98% kyo combo damage

On akuma combos.com they had this one video that had this one kyo combo that did almost 98% damage and got them dizzy. Does anyone know the whole button sequence?

im gonna guess its this:

  1. turn ex groove on
  2. turn damage max
  3. put them in the corner

I’m not even going to look at the combo. My guess is set Kyo to ratio 4, the dummy to ratio 1, jump-in HK, d.HP xx SUPER!!! Do a taunt at the end (because combo masters always end their combos with a taunt).

The only one I can think that does that much damage is K-Kyo. Jump-in rh, s.rh xx qcf+hk,k, dp+mk, lvl 3 serpent wave, otg ground pound. But I don’t think that dizzys. Anyway, whatever it is, it is probably very unlikely to be done in a match.


my friend was just doing this combo last night

i can’t do it but i think it was something like …

j.hk, s.hk xx qcf+lk,k, lvl 2 super xx qcf+hk, kick, dp+hk (at this point it dizzies any 60 stun character)

whiff fierce kara-ed into jab dp twice(do this to build back lvl 2 super)

j.hk, s.hk xx qcf+lk, k, lvl 2 super xx qcf+hk, kick, f+fierce xx otg combo(1hit).

does like 13000+

Was it done on Rolento? Because I know there’s

j rh, cr mp, cr fierce xx level 2 wave super xx qcf + mk mk, f+fierce xx ground punch chain (dizzy) into another jump in combo for the kill.

hehe I found a way to stun 70 characters… Ive done it to blanka and I think it whould take away all his life… but I missed the very last hit…

it involves using 2 lvl 2 serpent waves.

il try to get a vid of it once I get my camera back!

this is gonna be awesome

to respond to everyones questions it was C groove kyo no cheating or moding of the game involed level 1 ratio

No one ever saw that Mega Man vid? Some guy made this video with a lot of these crazy ass comboes. He put some Mega Man footage in the vid for some reason. Anyway, at the end of it was C-Kyo ratio 2 against C Athena. It was like…
j.RH, cr.fierce, qcf + mk, mk, lvl 2 serpent wave cancelled into qcf + mk,mk, dp + RH. Athena’s dizzy and then he whiffs a qcf + P to get meter. j.RH, cr.jab, cr.mp, qcf + mk, mk, lvl 2 serpent wave cancelled into the qcf + mk, mk and then he does the rekkas. Does 13,000. It might have done a little more if Athena was in A or P groove because I remember reading that C groove (at level 3) gives you a boost of 5 percent in attack and a certain amount in defense.

ok I think Il just give it away…
this works on a 70 stun character…

in corner…

j.hk, cmp, c.hp qcf lk lk lvl2 serpent wave xx qcf hk hk, dp hk (stun) whiff dp lp for bar… repeat… and hes dead…

alternat ending… when u repeat it… when u hit the lvl2 serpent wave cancel into qcf hk rite away and u will get 2 hits with the serpent wave and he will die there.