99% Noob to SSF4 AE

I just recently started playing fighting games and i found it very entertaining instead of calling in attack dogs all day long on b ops. So yeah i have SOME experience in the fighting game genre such as cross ups , dragon punch motion, fireball, frame trap, grabbing and all that basic stuff. My first fighter would have to be MVC3 sadly that game is so easy mode lol, when i hopped onto AE about 3days ago all i got was like 5k+ battle points while im here waiting at the loading screen with 3 digit battle points and that’s only if im lucky to find anyone online (CANADA) So basically what i need help is:
Who is the most noob-friendly character in SSF4 AE?
How can i improve my skills towards this game when no online is at my level =/?
Any help would be much appreciated

1.Ryu is a good place to start.
2. Play people better than you. Boo hoo if you lose, get your ass whooped and you will level up very quickly.
3. You can add me on xbl. GT is Pong Boom is you want any help.

PongBoom is right. With Ryu you’ll get the best overall training of footsies, anti air, zoning. He’s not the most execution intense character but as he’s well rounded, he gives you a good overview of the important aspects of the game.

I’d say pick up a charge character on top of Ryu or Ken. If you play charge characters, chance are you’ll be holding back all the time. Alternating between them can help you develop a better sense of footsies and zoning, or so I find.

I’m still fuzzy as to how getting roflstomped all over PSN or XBL helps people “get better”. If I play a match, get the unholly hell kicked out of me by some pro Balrog, what exactly am I learning?

I’ve never understood that piece of advice. Playing people who are a little bit better than you can yield insights into the game, but getting stomped into the ground just increases frustration.

you realize not to jump on balrog because you will eat a cr.hp or a headbutt and that you need to solidify a ground game to beat him. or atleast thats what i found when fighting good balrogs.

i know what you mean though, you can’t learn if you go online with no skill, you have to find a char that you like and suits you, you have to practise offline, watch vids of pros that use your char, do the trials, put in a lot of hours, then go online and play, then everything becomes a learning experience whether you win or lose.

i have a 10k bp ken and i still learn new things, no one becomes good over night.

I agree 100%!! The main thrust of my initial post is that it seems that the knee-jerk bit of advice is often “get stomped online and learn” but this on its own is misleading.

I think moreso what he means (or what he should mean) is that playing stronger players is a great way to push yourself and learn. There’s a certain point where the gap is so great that you’ll just be getting a beat down and not have time to analyze what went wrong.

Really, RELPAYS help. Go back, watch your replies, be like “Huh, I didn’t know Balrog’s cr. mp beat Ken’s cr. mk” (I have no idea if that’s true, this is just an example). It will help you analyze, so that you can worry more about studying your opponents habits in a match.

It’s not just about going online and getting your ass whooped. You don’t learn anything from that. That’s one problem with online play, unlike arcades, you aren’t losing money every time you lose a match. It’s about going online, getting your ass whooped, and instead of immediately going back into your next ranked battle, just take two minutes to think “Where did I go wrong” and “What could I have done differently?”

If you want some advice, some matches and someone to play regularly and you’re on 360, add me. Mepha.

I’m up for playing anyone.

Sadly, i play on PS3, and live in canada… ): it’s like dinosaurs on the PSN. Thanks to everyone trying to help me out though ):. I agree with Rcorporon, it’s EXTREMELY hard to learn from matches you get perfected or at least somewhere near “owned”

Bison is also a good choice for a beginner. His footsie game is quite annoying to play against.

I can say I have never learned faster than when playing someone who takes a dump all over me. They make it immediately apparent where I’m slipping up at. For example I used to rely on f.mp, c.mp as a frame trap all the time, Its all I ever did. It was all I ever did because it always worked against the people I played with. I started playing with better players and they would immediately shut me down in that 4 frame gap. It made me level up