99 year old gamer. Whatchu know about triple OG?


It would be interesting to see how she would respond to playing the Bomberman sequels. Would she recognize the gameplay and adapt or would she find new controls and graphics too much to handle?

if she still gets enjoyment from playing the original bomberman, i see no reason for her to play any of the follow-ups. i have been playing final fantasy 1 pretty consistently since first getting the nes cart back in the day. shit, i even bought it for my phone and have continued to play it, beat it, and repeat.

Probably keeps her mind highly stimulated, I’m impressed.


And man, I can’t even beat like one or two levels of Bomberman. I love it, but suck on sooooo many levels with it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats pretty cool. I doubt I would still be playing games if I live to be 99. I would probably just be crapping myself and wondering where my horse went.

ew kotaku

but legit granny gamer girl i love it

famicon is serious business not like the ez mode consoles of todays generation

If I had to chose a video game to play almost everyday, Saturn Bomberman would be on the list.

lol i like her reason for playing bomber man at that age. it like she using it as a way to feel alive i assuming she enjoys it seeing how she played it for so long. if i make it up to 99 ima play hyper street fighter 9: arcade edition and be like “back in my day yun was top tier…now in this game…HES STILL TOP TIER”