999 (NDS) successor announced for 3DS and Vita!

Official website-

Announcement trailer-

[spoiler=]Seems to take place in a futuristic setting, but can see Zero and elements of the Nonary game.[/SPOILER]
Kinu Nishimura is the character designer it seems, but uh…I don’t like that it’s 3D models =/
…and is it me or is the dark skinned chick covering her tits with that gold necklace? o_O

Hopefully this gets an English release, and chances are I may double dip if I get both systems XD

999 was really awesome so I’m definitely looking forward to this.

must get!

Seriously?!? I guess 999 sold very well after all. Looks like I’m investing in a Vita.

And is the pink-haired girl…Clover?

I wasn’t feeling the new 3d models until I saw them in action. Might make a lot of action scenes better but I’ll definitely miss the old 2d art.

I can’t imagine why someone would double dip on this game. I’ll definitely get it though, if it comes State Side.