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Topics about Apophis have been brought up again recently all over the web, just like to hear people’s thoughts on it. There’s a small chance that it can apparently hit earth about 2036, though now it seems highly unlikely. But if the earth is suppose to end in 2012, we won’t have to worry about nothin lol :xeye:


By 2036, our weapon tech will be advanced enough to shoot down a 900 foot object no problem.


Highly unlikely is 1:250,000, you say? The Mega Millions Lottery odds are 1:175,711,536 and that happens what every few weeks or so?

Regardless though here’s a good vid with Neil deGrasse Tyson explains what would happen if it hit: [media=youtube]xaW4Ol3_M1o[/media]
(If it hits where scientists say it would hit if it did, Cali and the West Coast would be pretty fucked.)

What we’d do if we wanted to prevent it from hitting the Earth (basically, we could “tow” it by getting a ship close enough in front of it that the asteroid and the spaceship would be attracted by gravity and the ship could use its rockets to pull the asteroid away from the keyhole): [media=youtube]1-ReuLZ2quc&feature=channel[/media]

You might could tell, I’ve been following this thing for a little while. Craziest thing is that it’ll pass below orbiting satellites and there’s a good chance people could see it just by looking up. Pretty much, nothing for normal people to worry about (i.e. non-NASA, non-astrophysicists) until we get a little closer to the date when we’ll first see it.

Tyson says while that’s an option, what’s going to happen to all the debris and where would that fall?


just because someone wins the lotto every so often does not mean you yourself are likely to win the lotto. likewise, just because asteroids have hit planets shitloads of times (just look at the moon) the probability that earth will get hit in 2036 is still low.

Debris is going to cause significantly less damage than being smacked down by a giant asteroid. Lesser of two evils. I will choose that any day.


2036 will be the new “fuck the world’s going to end, seriously this time, ignore the 2012 nonsense, and the 1999 nonsense, and the 1881 nonsense, etc.” date. Except… this time there’s a legit threat.

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More like once a month.

The odds 1:175,711,536 is for you as an individual. Not the entire population of the United States which is like fucking 300 million.

If only 1 person plays and wins once a month then you have a point, but obviously that is not the case.

This is one asteroid we are talking about here with a 1:250,000 chance of hitting.


The earth is roughly 12,000 miles in diameter, so the thought of a giant asteroid being only 18,000 miles away kind of puts things into perspective. Me no like.


shoot it down?

lol just attach rockets to it in 10 years, and fucking push it away

and fuck people bringing up the lottery…somebody ALWAYS wins the lottery…fuck any odds tha involve me fighting other people to the death for food


yeah with how advanced we’ll be in 2036 there are plenty of options to deal with this.


pretty sure that’s actually our gameplan NOW lol. Just send a probe to meet it, catch up to it, and attach itself and fire a bit of fuel to give it a nudge. Keep in mind when you ‘nudge’ a city sized object travelling at already insane speeds, in SPACE, u can nudge it far enough away that it becomes nothing more than a badass astronomer picture


Put Insert name of some parrying superstar on the controls of a spaceship, line it up with asteroid, PARRY PARRY PARRY PARRY PARRY, sip a martini or two, cash checks and go home. Unless the aliens show up with their own beast, I don’t see the problem.