A 15 inxh CRT fir modern systems

A couple hypothetical questions:

  1. if there were such a thing as an HDMI-compatible, “persibal sized” CRT TV, is the HDMI digiral signal done in such a was that any tine saved by CRT direct scanning would be list by a the fact that a CRT TVs native lamguagebis dot sewuential and HDMI (I presume) is compacted when digirized?
  1. Is there a variation of VGA that deals with HDMI resolutions properly: 240p, 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 2160p? Nativlely in a ero lag way?

  2. Did antone know that once the lead abd glass aee combined fir TV glass, but can only ve recycled into newer TV. glass?

  3. For pro gamers, do you have to alternate between seeing the individualbpixelcas well as sxanbing thevwhole picture? Ifvthat’s yhe case, tgen usn"t there an optimal size and distance for a TV.

  4. Since gamers are the ones demanding liw ping monitors, abd assuming they like an 2092 bubble iMac suze nonitor wiuldn’t that be the most frequebt siE to nake then in? Esecially with modern features like 4K, 16x9, 3D, and 30 bit color, and while we’re at it, add an NTSC/ATSC tuner, composite, SVideo and Component.

  5. I know a perfect way fir multiple devices to share a 3 holw video port. A green/purple port, a blue/grey port, and a red/yelliw port.

Green, Blye and red are Same as component. Grey is Luma and ourpleb8s Chroma in S Videi mode, and yelliw us in conposite. I asdume whichever if the 3 holes that have the main signal ( either composite or Y) indicates which mode it is, and you vut a grey and purpke RCA to ohysical SVideo fenale plug, so that YC mode can be added and take no space for an S Vudei port unless you add one. Just add as many grey/purple to SVideio adapters as you gave S Video plugs.

Thos makes Composite. S Video and component all selectable.

And for certain retros, a SCART/ similar Japanese connector) that enters RGB Mode. I got a Genesis 2. SNES, and Saturn Scart Cable, but currently never used them.

And VGA for Dreamcast.

If they’re built in natively there’s less work getting it to work with light gun and Sega Scope 3D games.

Finally, how foes obe tell if ny Genesis 2, SNES, abd Saturn “rectangle pin cables” are SCART or the Japanese Standard?

Only Hdmi capable CRT consumer TVs I heard of is early career 2000s Sony Trinatrons, they are quite large, like 32" or bigger and the display only does interlace. It does up to 1080i.

Otherwise you would want a CRT VGA monitor

I’ve seen articlrs sbout playing on a VGA CRtT.

I heard CRTs are amalog and hsve a "handicap ramp of colors anf go as many pixels per line as the information is fed in. So 720p would have 3x the number of defined points in the curve vs 240p, but is continuous. You just have to get more data pushed through to get a clearer picture.

In theory, a CRT TV, if enough data is pumped in, can have 1 million pixels progressive.

Am I right? In movies size is no object, but video games, to perform well has to be able to see the whole picture as well as a focused-in detail. Fans can watch on Jumbotrons, but the players need a perfect size 22-27 inches for 16 x 9 or 14 to 20 inches when 4x3.

I just saw you said i could get a 14 to 19 inch _VGA 4X3 and the numbrr of pixels work for 1080p with black bars on top and bottom.

and because there’s no pixel change, Hz change. or interlalcing or progressivizing, yhere no convrrsion delay.

In theory, if i plug in a fixed resolutoon signal into an HDMI to an digital decodet to composite, SVideo, and if a CRT doez 240 via component, component, digital decoding is almost ping free vs digital encoding with has a little delay. So can stop a CD when pressing pause right in cue. Same with my MP3 recorder/player. I have heard going from digital to be analog is microsecond quick, but analog to digital or transcoding dihital takes time.

Btw, as a temporay fix, until i find a CRT SVGA monitor, can i hook up to a 240p S Video SDTV, and sub microsecond reaction time. (Albeit a fuzzier picture with less plot points.)

I got a question. I see a lot of VGA monitors on eBay. How do I tell which ones could do 1080p? Is there a certain keyword I have to look for?

Do all VGA monitors do all VGA sub standards?

Can it work plugged in from an HDMI source into the HDMI to VGA converter and then the VGA input?

Do the VGA monitors have limits or only the computers that plug into them?

Can a VGA monitor work directly on an HDMI to VGA converter. And if content is in 1080p,. where did easily display a 1080p picture I’ll be at letterbox kind of like a LaserDisc, but still the whole picture and less than a millisecond ping?

Also is there a way to play standard TV composite component S-Video and RF directly into a VGA monitor, or can only be done by a TV?

I honestly never had a VGA monitor because the only computers I had before 2001 an Apple 2E and an Atari 800xl . After 2000 all we got were iMacs, which have built-in monitors but I heard a pretty pingy.

in the meantime I’ll try answering myself I could find it elsewhere on Google but if I can’t I’ll look here.

1920×1080 (WUXGA) or better (wide screen) or 1600 × 1200 (UXGA, UGA) (4:3)


Most of the time yes

RetroTINK-2X to VGA Adapter
can help with everything but RF.

Other thing I neglected saying as it can be more complex is there the Commerical/Broadcast monitors such as the Sony PVM, BVM and other brands. There also medical versions of the same monitors that used be used by hospitals.

Some but not all can accept 15 khz RGB, some required add on cards and additional equipment.

They are not necessarily cheap or easy to come by.

I assume a digital deciding into Analog WUXGA is quicker than digitally encoding an analog signal. You can stop a CD WAV format on a dime. But it takes a couple second delay to pause a DVDR recording.

The main thing I’m looking for is an HD optimized display with w presentable enough picture to not look like a blur, while having a screen with low enough input delay for everything, (except possibly light gun games and SegaScope games. That’s what a CRT TV is for. )

Based on that goal, is much any monitor capable of HDMI conversion of a specific pixel count and frame rate. Any monitor will do but the appropriate converter must be bought?

So intheory, a 4k standard can be plugged in, assimung enough bandwidth. So unledd you make a 2020 CRT, 4k is only 30 GPS.

A 3d standard of alternate frames can be used too, like SegaScope. And if HDMI->VGA conversions are a constant, the L/R sync is easy.

I can’t believe they can legally call it recycling CRT TVs. literally the only thing CRT TV glass can be recycled into is other kinds of CRT TV glass.

If that’s the case then why can’t some monitor maker make the optimal gaming size (Which for most gamers is 13 to 17 inches at 4 x 3 or 22 to 27 inches at 69) CRT monitors that don’t require a football team to move which is berficial for gamers anyway. Most moving watchers, (except possibly LaserDisc watchers) prefer the lighter large screens over smaller screens that can be carried, or hiring the local high school American football team to move a big tv.

Next time we dump the garbage at the recycling center, (our incentive for filtering out recyclables is that we pay by the bag for non-recyclables and recyclables are free). I was going to ask recycling center if I could pay recycling center if they can establish a CRT shop a little more organized fashion than tipped on their sides.

Of course this would require CRTs to actually be working and preserved. but nothing’s going to happen to him assuming you don’t toss it around like a football. (Good luck beyond 12 inches tosing it like a football)

There are three Rs for Good Earth habits. Recycling isn’t the only one. if incandescent bulbs finally got back on the market because the CFCs cause environmental damage when shattered due to Mercury in them,. Maybe we should rethink CRT TVs strictly as small gaming TVs,. and actually do something with the CRT glass that can’t be anything else.

I doubt anyone wants a big CRT TV so that means there’s more TVs to be made and the existing stock of glass can be extended further.

Brw i got to look at the old post to nake one more comment after re-reading.

If you have 4X3 (or something close to that) get an HDMI -*> UGA/UGXA afaptet, or WUXGA fof 16x 9 or close enough.

More questions:
Is the digital decoding time offer significant lag savings over a TN monitor?

And should I assume if I play a 4x3 game on a 16x9 monitor i get black bars on side, and vice versa give me black bars on top? And that eould be tje quickest way, and have characters look proportionally correct AND puxel perfect?

Finally.I could save a CRT TV if the Ting devicd can accurately do light gun games and SegaScope ganes ( I doubt it. But I would be glad. In case of emergency, I can use use CRT TV for Guns N Glasses.).

Everything would work except 7800 gun games. (Sub 0.1 ms is acceptable except for guns and glasses.) I guess there needs to be an NTSC tuner/ translator fron single RCA or RF F Type to VGA. if you can tune NTSC ststions. You’re good to go.