A-Akuma CC's need them

perferably the BAS ones thx…

the BAS one is this…

activate standing hp xx [hk demon flip, hp, hurricane kick (land) hp red fireball]x2/3 depending on when you get to the corner. once you get there, do the hp red fireball as denoted above, then do standing mp and red fireballs until the meter almost runs out, fireball super.

i start my CC’s by either doing…

-cr hk into lk hurricane kick, activate
-(all this is blocked) crossup mk, standing hp, hk demon flip (which hits), lk hurricane kick, activate


i need his midscreen

that is the midscreen.

nm i found his cc on the evo dvd… thx anyways

that is his midsreen AND the one on the evo dvd.

yes i know that now thought it was a bit different… all good.

when is gunter gonna make Akuma’s transcript on his site?? Need it badly!:smiley:

try this,

C-groove: Close to corner jump-in RH, now the RH has to hit above the chest like almost a cross-up but lands in front, after landing go c.MP, c.LP, c.RH buffer into a qcb.LK , qcfx2.MP (lev.2) when coming down qcb.k and dP.

A-groove: Do same as above, but also do a second qcb.LK just activate power after second qcb.LK then do your usual CC with him.

A - Groove: this is one i did on accident tryin’ to cancel the shryoken into somethin’, but then i kept it.

HCF+lk, lk hurricane kick, lk hurricane kick, lk hurricane kick, QCF+Fierce, QCF, QCF+Fierce (the airfireball super)

that’s the one i always use at the arcades.

sounds like it doesnt do too much damage :o

that BAS combo is friggin hard, it took me about 3 hours just to do it ONCE! then i went back to screwin it up again, but it’s the best one i’ve seen damage-wise so i’ll keep at it. I guess it doesn’t help that i’m tryin it on a PS2 pad…