A Bad Sagat needs your help - a critique my Sagat thread



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I picked up Sagat a few months ago and have decided to main him in Ultra. I have tons of bad habits and undeveloped skills because my former mains were not shoto-esque at all. That, and I’m just bad.

Give me things to try, things to never do again, and maybe even some matches sometime to help me get better. I also welcome suggestions to make my videos more watchable/entertaining.

Thanks everyone



Two main things from me: you are extremely stationary when zoning. I know Sagat has slow walk speed but you can dash and use knees to cause opponents to mess up jump ins. Also you seem to be buffering DP a lot. Don’t bother. It only screws with your zoning and you have plenty of time to react to jump ins anyway.

Also you didn’t punish enough. Eg. All of those Gouken palms are unsafe.


Certainly not a bad Sagat. I disagree with laughter about the buffering, your anti-airs were on point for the most part, so keep doing what you’re doing in that department. Too many random uppercuts though. There’s definitely a place for random uppercuts, but you should have some kind of read, rather than just going completely random. Perhaps you could use focus dash cancel through fireballs to not get as corned as quickly, but I do like the way you are baiting a lot of jump ins. I think the main thing is to work on your blocking and not pressing buttons/random uppercuts when you get under pressure.

Definitely agree with Laughter about punishing, in the Gouken match those palms were easily punished with uppercuts. Might be idea to look at the frame data in matchups that you are unsure of.

Just my opinion though, and I’m far from pro.


Yo you were the guy at CEO who cosplayed Sagat while you played huh? Haha that was badass bro, cept you gotta hit the weights a lil bit more if you wanna be like the King.


I was cosplaying as post-nerf Sagat so I was spot-on :smiley:

And thanks fellas. I’m taking all this to heart.
I need to be more mobile like you suggest. I only recently started even mixing normals into my game. I see Bonchan and Ryan work this into their game and I see Sanford absolutely destroy people with it so I’ll explore this pronto.
It looks like I’m buffering uppercuts more than I am: I’m actually more often than anything doing a down back twitch to make them think I’m throwing a fireball – which is worse. Still working on my AA after over 3 years of playing characters that didn’t DP
Random uppercuts are horrible and I know it every time I do one lol. And I need to be more conscious about pressing random buttons
Yeah I need matchup knowledge BAD. I need to just throw out a c.lp or random uppercut more to see if a move is -3 or -5 and then play around that.


kruldar, I agree with the guys in the fact that you aren’t as bad as you claim to be. I’m not a particularly good sagat myself, however, i’d recommend adding a tick throw into those cr lk combos you do on wake up. This helps to switch it up a bit and if the opponent is wary of being thrown then they would have to try crouch teching which would then start the guessing game of will he hit or will he throw.

Your execution is actually pretty good. As stated above, just watch them random dps.

Another thing i would add is to be more conservative with meter. Use it for damaging fadc’s or as an escape from pressure. If you must use meter for fireballs then make sure that you are at a range where it is difficult to react to the ex fireball.

I can’t do a kara fb to save my life and i’ve seen you do it so …like i said…not as bad as you claim to be :wink:


Thanks again Krimzn and everybody else. I’ve been dashing more and getting results. Cardio is good for the king. Same with meter management. Stopped chucking ex fireballs as much and more importantly stopped doing random EX tiger knees. The mashy dp’s (and random ex knees/tiger shots) I’ve found are a function of how much booze I’ve had and how laggy we are. I’m working on that along with punishing and remembering to tick throw more.

I recorded another episode the other day but it’s pretty bad because I was already blitzed and wasn’t employing any of this advice really. MCZ Tom Hanks and RZR Bil Murray joined stream chat and we all made fun of peoples’ names and talked about the EMP exodus while I got slurry and put on my eyepatch so it’s kind of lulzy I guess.

Soon I’ll be streaming again and hopefully will stay sober long enough to have some constructive learning experiences and show off the new stuff I’ve been working on with commentary. I’ll update this when I’m live at twitch.tv/quakefingers. If anybody wants to FT3 or FT5 me with your Sagat in a mirror match, or you just want to use your knowledge of him to blow me up with an alt you’re working on so I can get the matchup experience, send me a message on XBL at “A Bad Sagat” or twitch chat.


EDIT: Oh I almost forgot. Why would someone use Tiger Cannon against Guile? I can’t imagine being fast enough with it to punish a sonic boom. And what the hell is your gameplan for a competent Dhalsim?
EDIT2: And does anybody use any counter-hit setups with the King?


Tiger Cannon against Guile is mainly so you get full screen ultras off of ex shots or meterless ultra if he lands on a high tiger. You CAN cannon through a boom but you need to be fast and pretty close.

Just has a lot more utility in the matchup.


I see those tick throws being incorporated in there now :slight_smile: They’re helpful to switch it up, but as you stated in your own vid, they are unnecessary if the cr lk connects because combo is usually preferable (more damage plus a knockdown or territory gain depending on whether you end it with a TU or TK)

Good stuff dude…i see them kara TSs as well, how did you get to learn that in such a short time you bad sagat you?


Awesome advice TheRealMarz. Your comment single-handedly turned my win ratio against Guiles around. Other fireballers became easier too.

And yeah Krimzn I’ve been getting a lot of mileage out of tick throws and ZOMG tiger knee frame trap pressure is godlike. Thanks for the advice guys. When I’m sober and not clueless in a matchup I’m actually starting to see a not bad sagat emerge.
Also, I cheat when I kara TS. I only attempt it when there’s another TS on the screen that’s either about to hit/get blocked or go off the stage and I usually just double tap the roundhouse because it’s the safest if I screw up. I tried practicing raw kara tiger shots but I’m not consistent enough yet and nothing sucks more than getting a fullscreen kara tiger knee when I need a fireball.

So I was fighting a Zangief and a couple times I screwed up my safe tiger knee and got a random super instead. I know why it happened (I was sloppy and didn’t end the input with a diagonal but instead a forward or back), but another friend commented that this is why Vipers and good Sagats will randomly burn their meter on an EX or angry scar to prevent them from even reaching a full guage thereby eliminating the possibility of an accidental Super. You guys ever heard of this?


Some pros like bonchan even do this.


Yea if I got full bar im gonna angry scar 95% of the time


Worked like a charm yesterday. No more random supers for me.

So random coincidence: after commenting on that yesterday I fought Nuckle Du in offline casuals at my local bar fights. An awesome chun spanked me too. Apparently God watches this thread. I could link to those vids if anybody wants to see how NOT to fight Guile or Chun Li


If nothing else I should link to the part where Nuckle stopped his combo moments before killing me with Decapre and let me chase him for 20 seconds with Sagat. I think I’m going to add a laugh track and maybe the Benny Hill music to it


lol yeah do that.


hey dude i watch ur twitch channel wen ever ur on ur pretty decent man i think ur algood, just maybe match up knowledge is holding u back mayb???but from wat i’ve seen ur pretty solid…love the eye patch too lol