A Bear Is Grillin' Me

I swear to god if he looks at me one more time it’s over. I’ma ice that bitch. Who is he waving at? I’m not his homie. Who the fuck does he think he is? Fuck him and his claws, fat hairy bastard. I don’t have nothin’ against no bears, but this dude is pushin my buttons. If you hear about me getting arrested SRK, you know why. Hold it down on the outside and don’t take shit from a mothafuckin’ ursus.

…WTF. :rofl:

AW is just mad cuz he’s no longer the ‘big man on the block,’ if you know what im sayin.

EDIT: moments before the realization

THAT’S THAT NIGGA! I can’t even piss without him lookin at me. He’s only doin that because I shit in the woods. Like he owns the woods. Fuck him.

Edit: Fucking bear told me to eat a dick!! :mad:

I’m mad I see an advertisment for gay bear dating. :rofl::shake: But AW, you better not fuck with him. I heard he rolls deep with his peeps. :bottle:

Fuck that. I’ma ride over there and holla at him.

Edit: Fuck! Nigga stole my bike!

^LOLOL what??

Edit: :rofl:you cant be serious about the gay bear dating. Im bout to turn my ads back on.

Im waving at u right now warlock

Oh shit!!! Nigga gotta get got on the real!! :chainsaw:

I see you homie.White bears is cool. It’s them god-damned nigg?r bears that piss me off. :mad: All I wanted was a starpop!

Edit: I apologize to the bear community. The ice cream truck incident was actually Bunnyhead. Sorry to all bears for the libel. But you still need to stop grilling me!

Edit2: Mods, I’m not being racist. I called the bear a nigg?r bear because it doesn’t know shit. It’s ignorant. Very niggardly if you will.

:rofl: Out of nowhere the hate comes back, too good.

wat about them fraternizin’ “MIXED” bears!??

you know you’ve got a problem when you see a deer

That bear looks like my dog raped a polar bear o.O


I tried the jujitsu but he’s too strong!

AW, i’d be careful if I was you. These guys have mounts now.

Have you tried throwing a baby at the muthafucker?

Hadoubaby to the dome!

Steven Colbert warned you about this…
But yeah, that bear is mad niggerish on you man.

I’m softening him up by playing Linkin Park.