Hello fellow street-fighter gamers.

First of all, I would like to say I will try to explain the situation to the best of mye knowledge, as I remember it, and if the user I’m talking about will help share something about the conversation we had, I’d be glad.
So. I would like to hear your opinions on a matter that happened a few days ago. Well, I was playing street figter 4 ranked matches, when I came across the player “A BEARS GASH”. I thought he played good, I played him three times. After the third match I got this message: “run and spam uppercut more fag”. I was pretty surprised that I got a message like this from a 3000PP player. I asked him what his problem was, and why he send me a cruel message when he obviously just could play someone else if he didn’t like my play-style. I got the message: “pussssssssssssssy”. At that point I felt very irritated and said something stupid I shouldn’t have, like that he should shut his monkey mouth and was a tard. Obviously I regret this now, even though he was very insulting to start with. He just laughed and said I should go to bed. From here on and out, as I remember, I don’t think I used insults anymore. I usually don’t like to do that on XBL, but do it sometimes when players, like in this instance, insults me for no reason. I asked him why he called me a pussy. He replies: “Im calling you a pussy because the only way you can come close to winning is spamming uppercut through my combos, so i have to jab twice and wait for your fucked up spam then counter:L get the fuck to bed you mug”. I tell him, well, then you should do that, or just play someone else if you hate it so much, and not message me with a cruel message. His response to this was: “Im messaging you, to tell you that you need to change your game play, because its cheap, its shit, and its pathetic. Only people that dont know how to play the game and do combos, play like you do, fucking mug”. I don’t have a problem with his view on the game, or how gamers play the game. But I reply to him that he could have sent me a nice message, telling me what I did wrong, in his view, if he absolutely had to express his view on how I played. Instead he come across like this all-knowing person that just wanted to insult me. The next message is a pretty funny one: “o.O are you thick? People like you are the reason tournaments dont get played, because there are fucking idiots that think they can play like you, that make the game boring… you play like a pussy… now go get a pussy you virgin”. Players like me are the reason tournaments don’t get played. How relevant to this I must say. What he is saying, as I understand it is, is that players that aren’t as good as him, shouldn’t join tournaments, get the experience and knowledge to get better. They shouldn’t attend tournaments at all before they reach a certain level of godlikeness, because players like he describes, like me according to him, makes the game boring. And games at tournaments shouldn’t be boring… At this point I realize there’s not much more to say to this person, although I send a message to him explaining that if he loses to these “boring” players, it’s just his own stupidity that is the problem if he loses to a, in his words; “fucking idiots that think they can play”. I get this response: “im to stupid to realise what my opponent is doing?.. once again, are you thick? im not complaining because i lost or anything like that, im complaining because you’re gonna continue playing like a fucking idiot, just break your disc mug”. This was the last message from him concerning this matter. I wasn’t saying he was complaining because he lost, I was just trying to explain he shouldn’t talk bad about players with a certain play-style joining tournaments. And he finishes off the discussion with “just break your disc mug”. The final conclusion. Since I’m not as good as him, I should just break my disc. Everyone that dosen’t play properly according to him, should break his disc, and not play the game.

What do you guys think about this?

The general internet rule applies here, “Don’t feed the trolls”. Just ignore him and continue playing the game. He’s either an idiot who’s too stupid and lazy to figure out how to improve at the game, or he’s just doing it to make you mad.


Rather than right a massive paragraph towards this pointless thread, all im going to say is this.

I didn’t mean to come across like an arrogant fuck, but as you realise it was very late at night, and you played like someone that really didnt want to fight, i mean… what time was it? half 3 ? or somtehing ridiculess, and you ran and ran and ran and ran and spammed dragon punches the second i got to you? fair enough, coulda said it a bit nicer, " please stop spamming, its silly and you wont progress in the game if thats as much as you’re willing to learn to win" But you were the sort of player that didnt understand i was tryna to help by saying you cant expect to win by running and mashing without annoying a lot of people, if you don’t care about that, then my point is invalid and you should of ignored me or told me to fuck off, as for you zangriefing, you’re to much of a pussy to even join a lobby with me, and you arent even using the term " free" correctly, or atleast the way me and Xader were using it was a laugh, So Lick Onthescene out :slight_smile:

Also Eltrouble- I will admitt my actions were stupid, but i am definately not lazy nor stupid when it comes to figuring out how to improve at the game :slight_smile: so your comment is a puddle of wank

Lol dude, you really have problems with people zoning you, I remember playing you with Guile and you kicked me because “i was spamming sonic booms” and “run away more you scrub”. I understand that when you don’t enjoy a matchup you are free to kick anyone from your lobby, but there’s no reason to get salty about it.

o.O zoning is fine, ive learnt to grow and be able to cope with that, but mashers are a different story :L, what was your Gamertag?


I thought I was about to read a stupid thread, but wow, it still managed to amaze me. Keep up the good work!


Not really relevant to this post, but seeing as how this thread turned out I’m pretty sure it gets locked or deleted soon anyway so w e.

Hey Bears Gash I was that Bison player you bodied online earlier, nice Rog you know your stuff, respect. Hope I can play you again and maybe do better then a 4-1 loss for myself. Sorry for that message I sent you, I can’t handle losing.

Its fine mate, you’re good bison and i felt really bad for you knowing you’re A bison and you’re down by 1k+ bp:// i felt bad beating you… and yeah i apologise for anything i said aswell, i dont like losing either:L and yeah this probably will get deleted considering the spam :L was stupid and un-needed anyway. I wouldn’t say bodied mate! they were good matches… all i will say is that one match you did win… i got very frustrated with the amount of grappling you were doing… but each to their own!

You must not like posting in SRK much.

What has that got to do with anything?

This goes to show that when people get mad after a match, don’t take it to heart 'cause they probably didn’t mean it.

imagine reading all that

Danny Dyer does SSFIV.

I thought we clarified this earlier, Beargash.

It’s as simple as, your Rog is free. Which means bad if I remember correctly. I mean honestly, you expect me to play in your underwater connection and take the match seriously? That’s laughable. Be a good boy & stick to Poverty Ball 12. It’s the only thing the UK is remotely good at playing.

looks at thread title


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