A beautiful example of trolling from CNN


This is how you do it folks.

Emphasis mine. Notice how she starts the bait nice and slow. She knows how to make the bait delicious, for examples by casually mentioning “Occupy” and gay rights in one sentence.

She even states that she knows she is trolling people. But that’s OK.


Very nice trolling indeed.


I’m not seeing the trolling.

I mean beyond the thread.

And it isn’t very nice.



You really suck at this






That’s not trolling, it’s a rapid orbital decay into logical fallacy free fall.
Also, you suck. :tdown:





Would bang again


Let’s continue the punnery from the bear thread instead:

She doesn’t want to bear a child.


I’ve seen women like that end up having 7-8 small dogs that are treated as “her babies” au lieu to having real children. It’s a very creepy sight.


If op’s mother was psychic, she would have came to the same conclusion. Too bad when she was with that hobo he calls a father the only conclusion was that she came.


A woman doesn’t want to have a baby? How absurd! Next then you know she’ll be asking to be let out of the kitchen.


Women with 7-8 actual children are way, way creepier.


@MaxGrit I hate your opinions and your threads but dammit, your avatar is gold. 10/10

On topic, I wish more people would be honest about not wanting kids instead of having them, hating them, and having them grow up fucked up because of that.


They’re fake. :coffee:


His opinions or the tits in the avatar?


You are in all probability giving the dad far too much credit.


funny how she mentioned student loans and low paying job as a reason for not wanting to have kids.

Stories like this make me think the Muslims have it right - that women should be de facto property of men. otherwise you get women saying incredibly stupid shit like this.

/misogyny hat off


You also forgot cat ladies, who have 100s of cats.


It’s because you’re a fucking idiot.