A Beginner's Guide to Bob (combos)

well i just got this game tuesday and have been studying bob pretty hard, the information is a bit scattered, and somewhat confusing on what’s br and 6.0, so i kinda compiled some easy to follow info from the various scattered threads for myself, and other new players.


Your juggle may not go over 8 hits.

uf+3/ch df2 (damage based on u/f+3)

u/f+3, d+2,3, 2 u/f+1+2,1 B! ff+3 b+1+2 (78)

to make the b+1+2 ender easier i do the hold method, and hold 2 (or you can do it with 1) during the ff+3 animation, then just press the other punch immediately to get the b+1+2 (can also help you with doing uf1+2 more consistently, but the 1 follow up to this move makes the method awkward for me).

d/b 1+2

d/b 1+2, ws2, 1 u/f 1+2,1 B! ff+3, d+2,3 (69)

the ff+3 d+2,3 is the most damaging normal bound ender, but you have to be careful that your juggles don’t go over 6 hits before the bound, because you can only do 8 hits in a midscreen bob juggle. another note, db 1+2 leaves you crouching, so you just have to tap the 2 (with some timing) then 1 to get the ws version, no additional motion input needed.


cd+2, dash db+2, 2, u/f+1+2,1 B! ff+3 d+2, 3 (81)

really easy combo…and does ridiculous damage for how easy it is, (un)luckily cd2 is really unsafe on block or it would be a crazy move, no tricks here, no part of this combo really requires any strict timing.

now this one there are a couple variations on the basic combo, i will list the ones i do, and the pros/cons to each.

cd+1, dash d+2,3 2, u/f1+2,1 B! dash d/f+1, b+1+2 (76)

this one is like the no muss-no fuss version, it does solid damage, and most importantly is the easiest to execute consistently, plus b+1+2 gives you good oki after.

cd+1 dash ff3, 2 uf1+2 (somewhat quickly)1, B!, ff+3, d+2,3 (77)

this one is a little harder for a measly 1 more point of damage, and really doesn’t even look that great imo, but the option is there.

cd+1, dash d+2,3 2, u/f1+2,1 B! dash ff+3 cd+2 (79)

this one is awesome, does the most damage and looks the coolest, but you have to be pretty precise with the cd2 for it to hit, so it’s up to you. i personally love hitting people with bob shoryu whenever i can haha. you can also end this variation with b+3 for 2 points less damage, and loss of cool points, but it’s much easier.

cd 4

only the 1+2 follow up is guaranteed. it only knocked down in 6.0 (i kept looking through posts seeing a juggle after this, wondering why i couldn’t get it to knock down.

cd4, 1+2 (40)

**d/f 3+4 **

d/f 3+4 d+2, 3 (takes timing, have to do to do it somewhat quickly) 2, u/f+1+2,1, ff+3, b+1+2 (79)

there are a few variations of these combos but i like this one for ease of use/consistency, bob shoryu ender does 1 point more for 80. if you have trouble landing the d+2 you can just bound with uf1+2,1 for about 10 less damage on average (you do around 67).


ws2,1, d+2, 3, u/f+1+2,1 B! dash d/f+1, b+1+2 (80)

tons of damage off his ws punish, and really easy…I don’t bother doing any other combo.


ws1+2, d/f+1, 2, f+1, u/f+1+2,1 B!, 1+2, 1+2 (71)

when you launch them with ws1+2 they fall in a weird way, this combo allows you to get a full bound on them (but they will be backturned) i haven’t had much success trying to do other bound enders here, ff+3 seems to miss, as does d/f+1 so i just do 1+2 1+2 which hits fully and does good damage. I saw something in the br combo thread about using 1+2~f+3+4, 3+4 but it wasnt a guaranteed combo in training mode, but I’m not sure if its rollable or not, because the cpu even with rolls on couldn’t tech it.


there are 2 main variations on this

d/b1+2, ws2,2 B! dash d/f1, d+2,3, b+1+2 (65)

^this is the most consistent variation, and the one you should be doing imo, but if you want a little more damage, and are a bit more confident in your execution you can do this one. you can just pretty much mash the 2 since d/b1+2 leaves you in crouch…

d/b1+2, ws2,1, u/f1+2,1 B! ff+3 d+2,3 (69)

this one is more difficult because the way d/b1+2 knocks them in the air changes their axis slightly, do the usually easy to land u/f1+2 bound is somewhat difficult, it’s only 4 more points of damage for imo a significantly more difficult combo.


this move is really good, but you have to react quickly to do the u/f1+2 bound asap once you see it hit. in addition to that, depending on what axis you’re on the bound will hit somewhat inconsistently, other times the b+1+2 will whiff at the end…if anyone has a more consistent combo let me know.

ch4, u/f1+2,1 (asap) B! df1, d+2,3, B+1+2 (70)


this move i’m not too sure of the uses yet, from the looks of it it crushes low, but i don’t really see why you’d use it over u/f+3, doesn’t seem all that fast either, seems unsafe too, but thanks to no record function (thanks namco) i can’t really test. anyway…

bb+4, b+2,2, 2, u/f1+2,1 B! d/f1, b+1+2 (70)

you can also do ff+3 into b+1+2 after bound for 1 more point of damage, and the ff+3 cd+2 ender for 73. bob shoryu seems a bit easier in this combo, maybe practical here.

roll into baseball slide(f+3+4, 4) (can also do roll from 1+2)

f+3+4, 4, ws2,1, u/f 1+2,1 B!, 1+2, 1+2 (62)

roll into slide is a pretty gimmicky move, but it’s a low, so if they are inexperienced you can hit them with this pretty much for free during oki if they get up straight. it can be side rolled easily though because the tracking is ass, also launch punishable on block, and the roll can be interrupted. still, if you want to use this against a good player, they will probably expect the low, so do the butt smash (3+4 ender) which hits mid and knocks down, and i think is safe (+?)


ff1+2, ff+3(asap, but don’t do the motion too early or you’ll get just normal f+3) d/f+1, 2, u/f+1+2,1 B!, ff+3, b+1+2 (52)

the hardest part of this combo is the first ff+3, the camera angle makes it a little hard to determine when exactly you’re supposed to do it, but it’s earlier than it looks. you can do bob dp ender for 1 more point of damage.


b+3…that’s it. on counter hit this becomes a cute auto combo.

ws1, 2

not sure why you would use this when his other ws punishers are so much better, but you get a free b+3 :confused:

Low Parry

low parry B!, d+2,3, 2 d+2,3, b+1+2 (47)

this is really the only combo you should be doing off a low parry, none of that 3 d/f+1 nonsense.

other notes…

if the d/f2 of the string d/f+1, d/f+2 hits counter hit, you get a breakable crumple stun, if they don’t break you get free d/f+3+4 juggle into a grip.

Anyone have combos for ch bt 2?

Wall stuff later.

Good shit, subscribed. I’m having trouble doing the cd motion but I’ll get it down.