A Beginner's Guide to Juri



Yup. All the DPs reach from the max distance of her s.LK (which is her longest cancelable normal), but HK does the most damage. She’s the strongest DLC character so far with Juri or Balrog behind her IMO. She has a lot of tools so she’s not as easy to to just pick up and win with as Rog or Alex, but clearly the tools are there.


I mention the HK Fuhajin xx MK Fuhajin under the combo section. As for who has the most godlike s.LK, I think that goes to Karin with its good properties and cancel-ability into JFT combos. :wink:


I’m sure karins lk serves a different purpose than Juri’s. Juri’s st.lk aims to the ground which usually means it’s used to check lows.


Cant thankyou enough man! this guide is just what I was looking for!


Great guide, especially the tiers part! I’ve been waiting for Juri and playing Cammy meanwhile. But now she’s out and I’m rather hesitant about dropping Cammy, since you have to control more resources with Juri and you have more combo ender variations depending on your charges. Seems like a lot of work to me as a filthy bronze noob.


Cammy is probably THE beginner character in SFV (more so than Ryu even) so I think transitioning from her to any character will be a tough sell. Also not gonna lie, but Juri has to put in a lot more work to achieve similar, more immediate success than alot of characters.

With that said I think finding a character that you enjoy playing is important for a long career in fightin’ gamez. Whether it’s due to the fighter’s personality, playstyle or gives you the most success in getting wins.

You can try learning Juri for a week, if you’re not happy then Cammy is always there for you to pick back up. And since Cammy is really simple its not like you’ll suddenly take a dive in not knowing how to play Cammy after a week.


Might be off topic but I think Vega’s st lk is A1. It’s 3 frame, cancel into BnB -> CA


Why are people calling her low tier?? It seems like she has a lot of good options!


Calling her low tier is an overreaction from the playerbase. IMO she basically shares the same archetype/goal as Ryu and Necalli except those chars do it much, much better. Juri is good, but neither her moves are good enough nor does she have enough fraudelent stuff to really challenge the current top 8, which I think you need to be if you realistically want to consistantly place well in a tournament i.e. be considered a “good character”.


So essentially, she’s a female Kim Kap Hwan (from SNK’s “Fatal Fury 2” for beginners who don’t know that), but with a fireball?


I’m not too familiar with how Kim played in FF2, but if we were going by Kim in KoF13/14 then no. Outside of having a few similar looking moves, they are nothing alike.


No dive kick though


Are you planning on making any follow-ups to this? I’m a newer player so I feel any changes made since would be helpful knowing just in case.


Thanks for checking the guide. I would like to update this to season 2 but it probably won’t be for a while, due to a combination of still learning Juri (her changes in S2 are huge), and also me spending less time on SFV I’m afraid.

If you haven’t already you should go check the main Juri thread where most of the discussion and tech gets posted, and you can also ask any questions you got there.

  • She doesn’t have a dive kick special or any, or look like Tom Cruise, but a few moves are similar, if I’m not mistaken.


thanks for the guide!!! useful as hell! :smiley: =)


Hey, thanks for reading. This hasn’t been updated for S2.1+ mind so you’ll have to keep in mind her other changes like getting a new medium-medium combo etc.


Great guide for Juri! Will you update to S3?