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So Chun’s current B&B is (j.RH) 4MK, MK, j.RH, RH, Hozanshu. It does 349 damage.

If instead you do (j.RH) 4MK, MK, j.RH, RH, 3X j.2MK . It does 374 damage.

Both combos end in knockdown, and work against the entire cast anywhere on the screen.

The trick that may give some of you trouble is that you need to hit the opponent much earlier in the air with the j.RH then you would with what is considered the current standard B&B.

On some characters your j.2MKs may look like there is no way in hell they will hit and appear almost as chun is stomping on air verse some characters, but it will indeed connect all three giving you a knockdown.

EDIT: The current B&B only has 1 gap you can really fill in to add on more damage (after the jump in go into RH, EX-FB before continuing on with the 4MK, MK)

This new B&B actually has the same above but when you’re in the corner you can tag on an EX-SBK for more damage before the RH, 3xheadstomps


You missed her best bnb my friend, also the most fun to do I think. We have: (j.RH) 4MK, MK, j.RH, s.HP, SMDC (special move dash cancel? can’t remember), s.HP, L Hozanshu. I don’t remember the damage offhand, but I think it’s more than yours. Kinda tricky to get the hang of but so fun once you do.


^^^I haven’t a clue what you’re talking about. Please link a youtube vid or something.

…the above I listed is her standard B&B.


I’ve been doing this since day 2. What makes it even better is tag cancel the third headstomp and juri comes in and can combo her c.HP into any of her combos that use c.HP as an anti air. It is also posted in the combo thread, purple you should put your video in the combo thread.


Sorry about the shitty quality, this is the best I could get, it does 414 meterless. If you take out the light hasanshu, crouching light, and do the easy to hit comfirm version you get 384 dmg.



God dammit well it fucked up the filming, but it starts with j.RH, close standing fierce punch, light hazanshu. but ya thats the combo.


^^^cool, I’m surprised that really works. I didn’t think you would have enough time to do the half circle kick into dash fast enough.


It’s so fun to do, so fun. Because half circle forward leaves you with the analog in a forward position, that counts as the first forward input in the dash. (Because dashes are double tap forward, so this is the first tap, sf4 old stuff I don’t know if you’re new to this concept or not sry). So basicly here’s what you do after the fierce punch, it’s a lot to get into your head but it’s actually quite easy once you do. Fierce punch, half circle forward and keep the analog pointing forward, kick and hold down the button, tap forward ONCE and keep holding it forward still, release the kick button, Fierce punch, half circle back light kick (hazanshu). Try reading that sentance very slowly, and doing each motion as you read it, it makes sense and is surprising how easy and fun this combo is to do. Each move leaves the stick in the optimal position for the next move, after the mash kicks the analog stays forward, makes dashing easy, after the dash the analog stays forward, makes the hozanshu very easy. Sorry if I overexplained, it’s just dam fun and I’m kinda high so I wanted to get across how fun it is to do hands-wise.

Also her dash is dam fast, I’m pretty sure I landed close standing hard punch, dash forward into light punch once and it worked. Needs more testing.


lol u didn’t have to explain it all, after I saw it in action I knew how to do it.

That dash shortcut is pretty gay though. …pretty soon fighting games will only have 2 buttons win & lose. Capcom keeps on finding ways to make it’s games more accessible for the even more brain dead.

…and naw didn’t know about the SF4 technique because I think that game as a whole is a joke as well. xD

I’ve come to the conclusion I don’t really like SFxT either, I just enjoy messing around with combos in training mode. VS people sucks because I can’t stand the metagame, that and they nuked Chun’s range to nothing. Nothing worse than getting thrown out of your wiffed throw :confused:


That post was so depressing, i need a Will Smith song


If you do just 1 headstomp then jHK you get 379 and can still tag cancel and combo, with less scaling. idk how much the dash cancel combo does but just saying.

Also im getting 369 rather than 349 for the 1st one you posted. You must be using the lk version to end it but the hk version connects for 20 more damage.

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Any chance I could persuade you to re-record that? I’m having trouble linking her crouching :lp: into her :b::mk:.

EDIT: Right after I said this, I got it on the first try in training mode, and did it four more times right after. But I’m still having problems linking far :hp: into close :hp:.
**ANOTHER EDIT: **That’s because there is no far :hp: involved. Derp.