A Better Kara Dash?



Terribly sorry if this has been discussed before, but I haven’t seen any use of it. While many Ken players will use a sort of ‘Kara Dash’ by using the Kara Focus motion, then tapping forward again, a better way to do it would be Forward, Back, Then the Kara Focus motion. By doing it this way the kara focus will immediately cancel, making the whole process a fair share quicker. Video below


Nice find! I can already imagine this working well with tick throws and dash-cMK pokes.


I made a post about this a couple years ago. It’s great for getting in across the screen quickly,but you’re better off going with F.TK/step kick shenanigans.


I didn’t know about this, it’s seems like a pretty useful tool in footsies, thanks!


I’m going to have to try this. I was under the impression that at least one of the dash inputs had to be after you hit focus.


Yeah, I thought that as well until recently when I was watching someone doing FADC and was practicing Ken’s cr.mk xx fb FADC u2. I saw they were doing qcf, f, f/mp/mk. Or sometimes even qcf , f/mp/mk, f/mp/mk. (I actually kind of like that last way. A bit of extra wear and tear on the fingers but to me it feels a bit simpler to just move the joystick and hit the buttons as a unit twice. Can also do QCF, stay on F, then release and F/MP/MK but I don’t like how it feels move-specific. Same issue with MP/MK, then QCF, QCF fast to act as dashes, 3P or 3K. Works but feels a bit weird to me).

But about the dash technique UCFinish mentioned, this may be obvious but just in case: if you’re already walking forward, just go to neutral (or back) and then F/MP/MK and that works too. Even faster than doing it from stationary as shown in the video.


old news… but thx for sharing…