A BIG possible tournament


Hello guys,
First let me start off by saying that I am NO scam artist or anywhere shape or form trying to make a quick buck. I have a proven track record for Super Smash Brothers (as seen w/ this link Brawl & Melee MSU Weeklies+Monthlies: 2/5/11 - Smash World Forums) and I’m a HUGE fighting game fan.

I found out about SRK through my club members who want us to do a HUGE SSF4 tournament this upcoming year. We’re currently hosting a INTERNATIONAL Melee/Brawl tournament in August here at Mississippi State University (go here for more detail MSUsmash.com) and I would like to do the same as for SSF4, Tekken, and Blaze Blue.

My problem is tho, idk how many people actually particpate in SSF tournaments and other fighting games. If we do this tournament, the pot (as with the Brawl/Melee pot we’re doing) would start off at a guarnteed $1,000.00 and raise up to around $2,000.00 once we have enough entrants confirmed. The location would be here at Mississippi State University and in our 10,000. square feet ball room featuring a IMAX projector and 2 25 foot projectors.

IS this type of tournament do-able for the SSF/Tekken/Realistic fighter community ? We also plan to pay for a big name person to show (as we’re doin for smash/melee) to generate more intrest.

Please, get back to me, I really want to make this a possibility