A-bison expert help?

I start using A-bison’s paint the fence attack (took me hella long time to learn how to do it on ONE side :smiley: )… Doing it is not a problem but putting the enemy in the corner is. Any A-bison expert can teach me how to put someone in the corner while doing damage??

trick that I use atm: I constantly pressure my opponante with
c.jab, c.jab, c.lk and backforward lk. (5 hit
with fast recovery)

any other trick?:confused:

yeah the ptf has a million setups

ptf does have million setup but it need to be perform in he corner. Tricks to put put the opponante in the corner with CC activated has been answer by www.namonaki.com’s bison video. However, I still don’t know how to put someone in the corner without activating cc…(except for the trick I mention above)

Just keep doing ur trick for pressure(even though it’s extremely basic). Also, just zone ur opponent to the corner.

I dont wanna sound noob but…I am new to Fightning game language :wink: so…what does Zone mean?

Zoning is where u put your opponent in a position where they can’t move in on you without them getting hit.

so…basically, how do you zone with bison?? constatly jab him?

d.mk, d.hp, d.hk, [here’s where you can make changes] either carry with rh. scissors, or do a slide then a st.mp, and either sj.hk x3 till corner, or sj. hk,x2,then fierce to keep them more floaty. Once you get to corner do a st. mk to put them at a good height, then paint the fence.

eh…Im just wondering, zoning is something to do after activating CC or before ?? It seems like after to me because is impossible to do 3x HK in the air if you don’t activate the CC but I just want to make sure.

Zoning is just a general tactic

it could be anytime, but I would say before the cc. When you zone them into the corner, it increases your chances of being able to activate then cc, because you would have more control over your opponent.

oh that means that when I do c.jab x 2, c.lk, Scissor kick (5 hits) is a type of basic zoning?

Yeah, but if they block it, you can get countered. Just do that, then activate->cc blah blah blah.

ok thx for the help guys, I get it now…but Im going to need a basic guide for A-bison…Before posting any further question, Im going to check at the Bison Strategy Forum…If I get any problem there, ill come bck with more question :slight_smile: Im sure you guys are nice enough to help me out :smiley:

Activate isn’t guaranteed after that. It only works because the person you’re doing it against sucks (ie. 90% of US players).

DOnt japanese players get hit by it as well?

You people and Chicken are on diff pages, I think he meant was how to carry people into the corner DURING the CC. Theres no reason to zone someone into the corner just to paint the fence, there are plenty of setups that carry into the cornser from full screen. What I posted was a midscreen Bison CC.

My mistake…I typed it the wrong way…
I meant that if they get hit by the combo, not block it.

epsilon_ : I tried to do your combo…which I can do sometimes(miss most of the time):

activate c.mk, c.hp, c.hk(slide), [scissor lk, Mk x N]until corner and paint the fence

thats really hard to do…but thx for that advice…

Question 1)

I cannot do a SJ with 3x HK…I want to do this so I can counter airial attck (Kim’s kick, Yun’s kick, Rugal’s attck):

activate c.mk, c.hp, c.hk(slide), [SJ 3x Hk xN] until corner and paint the fence.

However, after I slide, He just won’t jump :(. When I do a SJ, I do with my analog, a 270X motion, but it does a psycho crusher instead…Even IF I can SJ, I can only do ONE HK while jumping…I really don’t know why. I tried in training, making my dummy Jump vertically and I activate my CC while jumping then kick him, but no luck there:lame:

anyway, Hope someone can help me there…

I also tried so to do some Namonaki’s bison special move but the result are: :rolleyes: :bluu:

After the slide u gotta launch them with st.mp. Also if you’re taking them to the corner via scissor kicks, don’t do the slide, go straight to the kicks.