A-Blanka question

i cant seem to get it down. i see the vids and shit,but what i dont get is how they do the blanka ball without hitting the person. they blanka ball-then end up doing a fierce to keep the person in the air. i cant get that part down. any tips?

there’s a certain spacing for that part of the combo

c.lk-s.hpx2-4-df+hp, s.hp xx b,f+lp, s.hp xx hop, s.lp, (sj.HPx2) til corner, (straight up j.HPxN) in corner, kick super

if you are hitting them with lp ball, you need to either slow down the grounded part, or add another fierce

^but theres so many different CC’s,setups,and scenarios. so can that be a factor too?

universal custom:
(c.mk, s.hp) d/f+hp, s.jab, sj.hp x 2-4 till corner, sj.hp x 6-8 (as many as u can), rolling ball super.

the beginning is optional, use for random activates. if youre punishing a whiffed uppercut or something that you have time to punish, i would recommend doing d/f+hp right away because then the sj.hp to corner is easier.


i was actually trying to do the CC from corner to corner. i’ve seen them use the blankball in their CC and just wanted to try it. not doing too well though

i think if you do c.short, df+fierce, s.fierce, jab ball(whiff), s.jab, you can turn them around and bring them back into the corner you came from. i have a replay somewhere of myself doing it on accident.

what do you mean “you think”? YOU KNOW, THE ALLEN CUSTOM!!! fuckin freestyled that on me in a casual match.

Wow. allen has a custom named after him now. That’s amazing. I’m gonna start using that at my local arcade and give credit where it’s due. The Allen Side Switch CC.

are there character specific CCs for the whiff jab ball (ie one CC for Sagat doesn’t work for Sak)?


here’s a visual for what i was talking about earlier…


here’s the REAL link

allen, dead link. Is it the Corner Switch Over Ghetto Allen Blanka Custom?? A.K.A CSOGAB.

Holy shit, I’m loving that CC. too bad you fucked it up. =(

i still cant get it down yet. not even on the right track i believe. i spent 2dollars on the arcade and still couldnt do it right. ALL i can do is a CC if they’re already in the corner. damn,what a scrub.

uhm. yeah me too O_o

what i do is, c.mk s.hp s.hp, slde…,s.hp, cancel into ball fast, s.hp… SOMETIMES it will switch sometimes not. wtf allen. teach me the ways.

uh…dont’ you guys have the game at home?

i know i dont ^^

can’t really figure out what i did right now…i did it on accident :confused:

edit: it seems that if you only do 1 fierce and do the first 3 hits quickly it works more often. try to press s.hp as soon as the horizontal motion of the slide is over so the other character doesnt fall too far away from you.

oh, thats probably what i was doing wrong. I hit the s.hp as late as possible after the slide because i thought it would bring me closer to them. Ok, something to work on then. Getoe Allen Azn Inside the vazion custom.

heh, i found a relatively easy corner cc that does 9k damage (R2) when you hit your rc electricity in the corner. Works best in 1p corner i find…

Rc electricity, activate, st.fp xx slide (mash on fp), electricity (4 hits), then just jump fp again.

This is an easier variable to Gunter’s all electricity cc, and does a considerably larger amount of damage compare to the regular elect, activate, st.fp xx cr.lk, jump fp cc. The timing isn’t impossibly hard, but it does take some getting use to.

In the 2p side, if you try to slide after the st.fp, 90% of the time your opponent will bounce out of the corner. I find i have to do st.fp, wait, st.fp (whiff) xx electricity in the 2p corner and it still works, but I find the timing abit harder. I’m sure you can replace the second st.fp with something like cr.fp so tit’s easier to whiff it, but I haven’t had too much success with that yet.

Just something I thought I’d share.

cool, ill try that out tonight.

Question: who really uses the Anti Air CC for blanka?

AA CC: Activate, Electricity…wait, SJ hk - hp, Follow up… Its hard for me because you donno where the opponent is going to go -_-

don’t mash the fp too fast though, or else it’ll come out too early and only get one hit.

I’ve never used the anti-air cc for blanka…ever. I think this is the first time i’ve seen it haha.

I’ve done RC electricity as anti-air, activate, st.fp, lp ball, st.fp, cr.lk (whiff) -> jumping fp’s a few times though. Only near the corner though, i’m still working on my midscreen cc’s.


haha, I found a vid of me doing just that!


It was during casuals, i’m surprised myself that i didn’t blow it haha.