A Bone to pick with EVO's Live Stream

Is the EVO Live stream expensive?
I’m wondering why there is only one stream, when there are games being played that could be getting watched.
I like SF4. I don’t like it more than HD Remix though.
When they said they’d show HDr, I thought they’d show more than one pool of it.
Then when i log into the stream the next day the Commentators are talking about the HDr final 8 Sunday!
Wtf? Well when did they play the other 11 pools?
Being a big fan of HDr, I watched a lot of the matches, and I’m sure there were 12 pools of people playing the game.
The stream only showed HDr for 2 hours. Then it went to Soul Calibur 4…

A game with 12 pools only gets shown for 2 hours?
My question is why not set up another stream, with another set of commentators?
Commentating at EVO, as these guys so far have proven, is so easy a Caveman could do it.
I’m sure others could have stepped up if another stream was there.

Oh, and before someone comes in here with “witty/shitty” sarcasm, or “uh, you should have known this” dorky remarks:
I looked in the EVO FAQ stickied here, and saw nothing, so I created this thread.