A Boy Named Jimmy

A Boy Named Jimmy, A Man Called Blanka.

The year was 1972. Jimmy and his mother were getting on an airplane to fly to Sao Paulo to see the rivalry of the year: the Santos Football Club was facing off against Juventus Football Club. It was Jimmys first time in an airplane. Boy was he excited. Mama, can I get a jersey when we get there? said Jimmy. Of course we cant. They are too expensive. Now put your luggage up and sit tight. And put on your seatbelt now so that you dont forget later. Mama doesnt want a hurt Jimmy on our vacation, said Mama.

        By vacation she meant a week and a half at Aunt Lolas house with his stuck up Cousin Edward, which was not worth suffering just for seeing a soccer game. So Jimmy slumped back in his seat, looking out the window at the slow moving cargo carriers near the airport runway.

        Bing! This is your captain speaking. We are currently being taxied to the runway and are prepared for takeoff. Please watch the seatbelt warning light at the front of the airplane and please remember that there is no smoking on any of the Brazil Airlines planes. Our flight attendants are now going to help you fasten your seatbelt. Bing!

        Out came the flight attendants. Jimmy was a bit amused how clumsy people could be with simply putting up their luggage and strapping in the belts, that which he had already done. While it did amuse him, Jimmy was still nervous for what was yet to come. And when the time finally came, which felt like forever to Jimmy, he could barely stay in his seat, if not for the seatbelt. Jimmy was absolutely thrilled. Mama! Were off the ground! Were in the air! Calm down son, we have a long flight ahead of us. Jimmy eventually calmed down after a while, remembering what he will have to endure in the near future. So he sat back and somewhat enjoyed the feeling of the plane in motion and the view through the window for the next hour or so.

        After the flight attendants gave out refreshments and snacks, Mama slipped into a slight nap. Jimmy decided it was time to take a bathroom break and perform more tests to see how being in between Earth and space was. His first test was roughly a walk on the moon test to the bathroom. The floor was a bit light feeling but Jimmy could still feel the pull of gravity to Earth. When he reached the bathroom, he tested to see if water was the same. The water tasted and acted the same, and certainly didnt float around, which dulled his fascination of being above the Earth. Jimmy decided that he might as well relieve himself now than later. Yes, using the restroom in air is the same too, if possibly less comfortable.

        While he was sitting on the toilet, he started hearing unusual loud noises, like fireworks. He thought nothing of it, to him it could have been a multitude of things, the plane engines, thunder, or something going on in a village they were flying over.


 Ratta tat tat tatta tat!

That is when Jimmy realized that something was wrong. The airplane began jittering and tilting uncontrollably until suddenly the lights cut out in the bathroom. Jimmy blindly and almost instantaneously slammed into the wall and was knocked unconscious.

Jimmy! Jimmy! Jimmy my baby! Jimmy! Jimmy are you there?

        Mama woke up abruptly and almost abysmally in her airplane seat. The entire plane was shaking and jittering chaotically as though it were entering Hell. Mama started seeing everything slowly. She could see the rush of trees going by the windows, and couldnt hear herself screaming, or anything for that matter. When the moment of impact came, every single sense of Mamas came back to a shocking reality. Mama was almost thrown out of her seat, but her seatbelt kept her safe. She could hear people screaming, children crying, and the engines dying. At that point, Mamas worst fears were realized. Where is Jimmy? She immediately started panicking, trying to think of the good as opposed to the bad, but she could not help herself. She rushed to take off her seatbelt, and began scouring the plane for her son. Then she looked to the aft of the plane. She saw the lack of about a third of the planes body missing. She could see right out into the South American rainforest. Mamas body instantly felt like she had been in a hot springs and jumped into an ice floe. She ran through the back of the plane, screaming her boys name.

She got as far as the end of the plane running, and groaned in agony. She lifted up her shirt to see a 2 inch welt across her stomach from the seatbelt. She hadnt felt the pain until now. She looked everywhere inside the plane, and when the emergency personnel came to the crash site, she looked everywhere outside of the plane, and started to search away from the plane when one of the recue team members stopped her. Listen maam, we understand that you want to find your son, but you shouldnt risk getting lost. But Jimmy could be out there somewhere! Hurt! Miss, we will find your son, and when we do we dont want you to be lost. Mama then burst into tears, crying on the rescue members shoulder, whilst he consoled her and did his best to calm her down.

        Jimmy woke up quite dazed. He didnt know where he was but all he knew that it was dark, and his side hurt really badly. As he tried to get up, he bumped his head on the ceiling. It felt like he was in a coffin. He felt around until he found the door handle, which was on the ceiling. He rotated it, but the door handle came off in his hands. He decided to use a little force, and opened the door with his legs. When he got outside he found himself standing on the side of a small section of the airplane, and the rest was absolutely nowhere in sight. He found himself sitting on an airplane amongst a dense jungle yelling for his mother, to no avail. When his vocal chords grew tired, his stomach was growling in hunger. The little Jimmy decided that he was most likely to be found tomorrow, because it was growing dark. He found a Jackfruit tree, and harvested what he could of it by climbing as high he could get and picking up one of the fruits off of the ground. He took these back to the plane, and tried to figure out how he could eat them. He found the detached bathroom door handle and managed to break into the tough fruits, and eat whatever he could get around the seeds. One of the fruits he plucked from the tree was too bitter and hard, and the one he got on the ground was rotting in spots. After he satisfied his taste it was getting late, and Jimmy didnt know what to do then. So he rummaged the wreckage and found a bunch of cloth and padding. He bundled himself up and slept in the bathroom with the door shut.

        Jimmy had a hard time sleeping. He could not believe what had happened to him. The whole days events were too much for him to process. The situation he was in he could not adapt to without thinking about what exactly happened and what could possibly occur in the near future. He was lost in a jungle, his mother was gone, and he had no food or water. Jimmy eventually fell into a hazy sleep, one mixing reality and dreams as he rolled around in his slumber. Jimmy heard strange noises through the night, sounds as if someone was walking down a completely metal and hollow hallway. Then Jimmy heard it.

        He didnt exactly know what it was, but he knew that it sounded like a large cat. Jimmy was instantly scared. And held his breath until it went away from the door, which he was ready to hold tightly if the beast tried to get to him. Thankfully, it did not. Jimmy really didnt fall asleep from that point on in the night, having to keep vigilant. Jimmy tried not to cry but couldnt help himself. He missed Mama. Jimmy didnt cry long, because he knew that no one was there to console him.

This is UNFINISHED as of yet. My teacher made me wrap it up because my story was taking me too long and it was too big. I capped it off with a BS ending where Jimmy finds his mom the next day, as opposed to what happens within the series.
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