A brave new world is upon us (Genetically modded uber babies created)


I think Hitler’s ashes just jizzed themselves.

I don’t see how this could possibly go horribly wrong!


(twas obligatory bruv) Let the age of homo sapien superior begin.

When will these idiots learn: being unable to conceive is nature’s way of telling you you SHOULDN’T be breeding.

This image seems appropiate, too bad I can’t find the post-fight animated .gif of it…


This is the start of a glorious genetic caste system.
Hopefully people will not age past 14.

Spartans assemble!

If stuff like this means that one day they can genetically create humans with super strength, speed, 200+ IQs, immune to cancer and dart frog venom, allow men to have multiple orgasms then I’m all for that!

les enfants terribles

ITS REAL :coffee:

Damn, missed out on being Superpowered.

yeah but YOU wont get to have any of that.

Great. Eventually they’ll claim superiority over us normal humans and then that’s that.

War of the Super Clones on deck.

Gattaca here we come!

Actually while unprecedented, this isn’t genetic modification with the intention of creating superbabies. The scientists just implanted a mitochondria from a 3rd party because the mother’s eggs couldn’t produce viable eggs with mitochondria- the powerhouse of every cell.

It just so happens mitochondrial DNA is unique and can be transplanted in tandem with the true mother’s genes.

So the real issue is the fact that they’ve now opened a can of worms regarding the ambiguous “limitations” scientists should put on genetic modification.

Should it be used to prevent Parkinsons, muscular dystrophy or breast cancer later in life for parents who carry these harmful genes? If so, why stop there?

Gattaca, here we come!

LOL, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

After this the future conflict is going to be heavily organically modified or machine.


On topic though, this is cool, it really is. To control our evolution, to give breath to every child, and to streamline us into a superior species.


as with anything

Retards ruin everything.

Have yourself Cloned like big boss, and brainwash your cloneson to behave exactly like you.

Then you will live on eternally.

Now all we need is a artificial womb and were all set.

Okay either the Super Clones will screw us, or Skynet will finally happen.

Which comes first?

Needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one


Welcome the Vorta!!!

Usually having an extra set of chromosomes in Jersey just means being “normal” to the rest of us.