A brave new world is upon us (Genetically modded uber babies created)


Eugenics programs are not exclusive to the Nazi’s. The U.S. government believed in Eugenics in the early part of the 20th century and conducted such experiments. It was the Nazi’s who made the idea unpopular.


Yup the nazis were inspired and outright encouraged by the eugenics advocates in the good ol’ USA. That whole holocaust thing was just a minor setback for their ultimate agenda.

Also, if World War 2 never happened, there is a very strong possibility that we would have selective breeding and forced sterilization policies enacted in this country today. These practices were actually carried out in several states.

This is why I always laugh when the US condemns China’s one child policy… fucking hypocrites.


All that stuff was of American design and origin. The idea of a superior human being etc, all American design. Nazi’s where the only one brave enough to do it properly, and at the rate they went. America was taking its time.

brings a new meaning to Never Forget


This article is sensationalistic nonsense. The vast majority of our DNA is contained in our cell nuclei. While some of it is contained in the mitochondria, the effect that it has on our heritable characteristics is basically negligible. The way it’s written about here, it sounds like this is some kind of super-secret black bag Manhattan Project deal designed to mix and match our babies’ physical characteristics to our liking, rather than a handful of biomedical scientists finding a way to give babies healthy mitochondria.

Fucking mitochondria. Does the article make even a half-assed attempt to explain what this is for the people who don’t already know?

“Some experts severely criticised the experiments.” This is what I hate the most about news media reporting on scientific issues–trotting out dissenters under the pretense of giving equal time to both sides of the issue, when all they really give a shit about is exaggerating the controversial aspect for the sake of ratings and page views.

The funniest part is that they quoted some guy from something called the “Society for the Protection of Unborn Children”, who is not only against this procedure, but against the very idea of in vitro fertilization. smmfh.

The only objection to the procedure that has any substance is the possibility that this technique might someday be modified to do what this shitrag article alleges that it does, which is play Mr. Potatohead with our babies’ genes. But that’s a classic slippery slope argument. All knowledge opens the potential for somebody to someday abuse it.


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So basically America was just following wesker’s ultimate plot.


I don’t know what i think of this really.






We’re still figuring out GMO’s and “selective breeding” for foods.

So, what happens when the GMBs eat the GMO foods?! Probably SuperGokuMan.


Well, we’re well over 2 decades behind, but we’re back on track toward the Eugenics Wars.

Our future world leader:



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China will pirate the technology, make cheap knock off humans for the PLA, then ruin the earth with it.

Bet it.


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