A button on my TE stick stopped working. what to do?

so apparently a button on my te stick stopped working today. i have no experience in modding and i’m not sure what might be the problem. I can’t return this stick because i got it dual modded by someone so warranty is void. so does anyone who might have experience in this help me out or explain what might be the problem? thanks

edit: it so happens the button works again, but still i’m a bit skeptical. has anyone had this same expeirence?

It could just be gunk gumming up the button, pop out the plunger and see if it needs to be cleaned.

Otherwise pop the button out and switch it with another and see if one or the other acts up again.

Which button was it and how old is your TE?

i have the femme fatale te. it was the RT button (roundhouse).

May be a wire getting lose on the PCB or Quick disconnects. Or you could open her up, switch the button out with a different button to see if this continues to occur. Which is easy enough to do. Just open up the face plate (does require an Allen key), pull down the rubber on the Quick disconnects, and pull off the metal portion with a pair of pliers (do be gentle, the lugs can break!). Repeat with the other lug, and then there will be two tabs holding the button against the face plate. Push them in with a small flathead screwdriver, and push up. When it pops out, repeat with the other button, and shift places. Then push the metal quick disconnects back on to the lugs (placement doesn’t matter as long as the same colored wire is touching both lugs). Then if it starts goofing in that spot, you’ll know it’s the button. Replace with a Sanwa OBSF-30.

The right triggers tend to sporadically not work on the early faulty 360 TE/SE PCBs. So it may be that you will have to gut the TE PCB and trade it up for a fight pad pcb.

Hate to post so preemptively before I do complete tests but I have a TE-S 360 stick and the HK button stopped working. I opened it up, switched buttons and sure enough it wasn’t the button that was the prob but something else. I have yet to check the stick with my multimeter but am wondering if it is a common problem for something to happen to the PCB board or any other components in this stick. If so I wonder if MadCatz will fix it for free, it has been less than a year since I’ve had it (purchased in April/May I believe)but I also don’t want to eat shipping costs. :frowning: Also, a nut that is used to hold the top right corner screw down onto the faceplate somehow got loose after I unscrewed the top plate. Haven’t figured how to place it back into that spot without doing surgery on the stick… I am so disappointed, I had just ordered arthongs plexi’s and won’t even be able to use my arcade stick, ugh.

HK on TE is super known to have problem for some reason.

There is word that it is because of improper grounding.

Try see if the fix works for you.
You can always put 3K to where HK is, then remap in the game.

Thanks man, very informative. I might try the fix it if MadCatz doesn’t cough up the prepaid label.

Let us know the outcome bud

Had a similar issue I ended up getting shipping.