A & C GAMES 2nd Tournament Results (STHD & 3S)

Great turnout with a lot of new faces making their tournament debuts. A copy of SFIV was awarded to the winner of each tournament.

1st - Gerjay (Honda/Sim)
2nd - Edwin (Honda)
3rd - Nagata Lock II (Vega/Sagat)
4th - Davero (Balrog)
5th - Filip (Honda)
5th - Disgruntled Goat (Cammy)
7th - Jay Wang (Cammy)
7th - Ken (Honda)
9th - nGuman
9th - King
9th - Barks
9th - Ammar
13th - Tristan
13th - McDefault
13th -Steven
13th - TeeKiller
17th - Bahzad
17th - TheStick
17th - Vincent
17th - Kevin
17th - SteveD
17th - Andre
17th - FailedSauce
17th - Phillip
25th - McKenny
25th - Daniel Lee
25th - Rodrigo
25th - Julio
25th - Chris V
25th - Simon
25th - Constantine
25th - RyeBread

1st - YellowS4 (Dudley)
2nd - DarkDragon (Chun Li)
3rd - Nagata Lock II (Chun Li/Ken)
4th - Akuma Mark (Akuma)
5th - Gerjay (Makoto)
5th - SB (Chun Li)
7th - Baofu (Ryu)
7th - Ken (Remy/Urien)
9th - Bryan
9th - Jazmutten
9th - Davero
9th - Vincent
13th - WorldGem7
13th - Seven
13th - Edwin
13th - Jordan
17th - CJ
17th - Sidney
17th - Dallas
17th - Stevel L

Thanks to the great folks at A & C Games for hosting this event.

Thanks to Gerjay for randomly stepping up and running both tournaments.

The future looks bright with so many new players.

GG’s to everyone. I hope A & C runs more tournaments in the future.

Despite the absence of marvel, this was a lot of fun. Major props to the organizers, Gerjay for running things, and all the players who came out. GGs everyone!

Ban Honda.

GGs to all, I hope I wasn’t swearing too much… haha…

Yeah, I don’t know why I agreed to run both tournies, but thanks to nGuman, Jay Wang, Davero and Justin for helping out with the yelling/running of the tourney.

If it weren’t for the large number of DQ’s, we’d probably still be playing HD now. . . But I’d have to say it went pretty well, only 2 hours over time.

I hope half of these people get on SRK, and I’m sure I’ll have like 5 people adding me to XBL that haven’t joined SRK yet, so at least that’s some more people.

And the most important part of all of this… Every single one of these people came out because they want to play SF4 when its released. Just think of the competition!

I’ll get you next time gerjay :smiley:

And it won’t be a honda mirror next time

Definitely a good time even if it did run a little long. It was cool to play you guys in person. I was definitely surprised I got into top 5 with so many SRKers showing up unannounced.

I also talked to the guys at A/C and they said their definitely running another tourny maybe in March with SF4 and HD. I will talk to them about 2nd/3rd payouts this time around. They definiltey weren’t expecting this kind of response as their first tourny had only 8 entrants and they had no idea SRK knew about this thing.

These guys definitely were just swamped and they will address any thing that we bring up for sure.

Thank god, lets ban honda and unban akuma for the next one, I think they got the ban wrong.

I’m all for playing you without honda mirror.

GGs to everyone! I need a whole lot more work on my DeeJay.

Good job Gerjay. Come over to my house, I wanna play you in STHD, get some matches with that Honda of yours.

Yeah, I’ll be by tomorrow.

GGs to everyone that was there, this is Phil Choi (5th place Honda). Nice meeting you all, hope to catch some of you guys on XBL in the near future.

ggs everyone
i’m sorry to disappoint, honda is cammy’s worst matchup in sthd

i definately need to learn a new character to counter that fucker (prolly deejay?)

if there are any tourney’s in the future, i will be attending for sure!

I’d like to thank everyone who came down yesterday to the Tournament.
I hope everyone had a fun time, lol.

We’re thinking of holding another Tournament (MAYBE) in April.
It’ll probably be just SFIV and STHD, maybe 3S/Smash depending on what rooms we get this time around, and request-wise.
Oh yeah, don’t forget, you can request whatever games to be played on the side, DC,N64,NES,SNES, whatever. We’ll see what we can do.
I’ll talk to you guys about Akuma/Honda, and anything else man. Just give us a shout out, and let us know what’s up.

When we do organize another tournament. I’ll post up an ad hopefully a month in advance to give everyone some time.

Anyways, I’m glad a lot of you guys came, but I’m sadden that I missed practically everything. lol.

Thanks guys! SRK’s the best!

PS - Props to Gerjay, Nagata, JayWang, Nguman, Davero and whoever else that was helping with our event!

Hey edwin and phil, I added you as contacts on here seeing as neither of you have facebook. Keep in touch

One thing I also just realized that I thought was kind of weird, I don’t think I saw a single Ken player in the HD tourny… :looney:

GGs everyone. New faces, new scene.

Hopefully the next tournament is HD and IV only.

:rofl: You shit on the game that won you your copy of SFIV. :rofl:

Hopefully they revise the payout structure next time. It’s odd placing 3rd in a 20 and 32 man bracket and yet somehow not even breaking even on the day.\

Jacob; what was the name of the beastly pizza place we hit up?

Massimo Pizza

Arribiata motherfuckers! Chef Kin disagrees though.

And yes, I HD and IV!

In all seriousness, none of the characters should be banned.

This includes Honda and Akuma.

We should use SRK as the benchmark - currently all characters are allowed in tournament play.

I’m pretty sure a good shoto can beat Honda clean, I’m gonna train up for the next tourney and we’ll see how it goes!

lol :frowning: I’m not a good shoto NOT YET.