A&C Street Fighter Club Weekly Training Session - Downtown Toronto


Hello everyone,

Starting on October 15th, on every Tuesday from 7pm until closing(usually around 9pm), A&C will be having a special training regiment at A&C World to help players of all skill level to improve and further take their game to the next level.

What game?
SSF4 AE 2012

How so?
I, TOSFHQ Jimmy Fierce, will be playing sets with everyone there while providing feedback and guideline to direct you in the correct way. In addition, you will also:
-be completely removed of your auto-piloting(when you do something without realizing what you’re doing)
-be exposed to high level competition
-gain experience, knowledge and confidence
-level up faster

I’ve been involved with the scene for about 2 years and up until now, I’ve placed top 16/top 8 in two local majors and have won a few local tournaments. I main ryu but can play majority of the cast at a decent level. I have considerable amount of knowledge on game mechanics and frame data.

702a Spadina Avenue is located South of the Spadina subway station, and there you’ll see the A&C Games store and to its right a bit(literally 2 seconds away) is A&C World.

Your venue fee 5$, you don’t have to come at 7pm just to start, you can come earlier to practise amongst the others as well. A&C World opens at 3pm.

2 Xbox360’s that are currently updated with AE2012(subject to change, could be more updated)
2 PS3’s that are currently updated with AE2012(subject to change, could be more updated)

I believe they have converters for pad players but it’s better to bring your own. They also have pads and joysticks for you but again, it’s better to bring one that you are accustomed to.

Bonus Mini-Tournament
If we have 4 or more, we could run a mini tournament(that is, if time permits) and winner will be rewarded with a bonus prize courtesy of A&C Games! I highly encourage everyone to come out if they can make it, this is a great chance to not only level up but to make friends/rivalries of the scene.

Any questions or concerns, you can ask me here.

See you all soon!

[Update] October 16th 2013
There are 3 working Xbox 360’s with version 2012 updated.

If you have facebook you should check out the facebook group page for more updates!
A&C Street Fighter Group


I’m garbage at AE. Will probably come check this out sometime


Sure np! hope to see you soon!


On the 30th I’m bringing my sf2 arcade board. Will be running a tourney with bonus prizes which only new players can claim. great chance to try to learn the game, play at a tourney and still have a shot at a prize due to the Newbie bonuses! Only $2 entry! http://tinyurl.com/m38nzdd


We’re still active guys! Come by to train for Toryuken 3!


is this till active? just moved to toronto would love some offline play