A&C Ultimate Gamer: SSFIV


A & C Ultimate GamerSuper Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Ver. 2012 Recruiting Event

Are you the Ultimate Gamer?!
[]2 top players from the fighting game community will be selected as coaches.
]8 players will be selected to compete from a draft event (the 8 players will be determined after doing a round robin with X amount of participants)
[]Players that can join must have little to no knowledge of SSFIV. An underdog who has not achieved any success in ANY tournament.
]It will run for 4 weeks, each week 2 matches will be played, each match winner gets $10, loser $5
[]The Grand Prize is $100 plus a sponsorhip deal with A & C in the next A & C Games Tournament.
]The goal is for all the players to learn from their coaches and prepare for big tournaments.
WHO WILL BE A&C Games Ultimate Gamer?!
The goal of this event is to find the the inner SSFIV in you.
Helping to build and develop more top players that can face the world of FGC.

All those that are interested in participating or interested in this becoming a contestant, feel free to comment in this thread.

If you have Facebook, comment here.
A&C Ultimate Gamer is open to anyone who wants to learn SSFIVAE2012.

Also ignore the time for this event, it’s for recruiting only and may be extended or shorted as needed. Actual event will start once we get all the contestants and coaches signed on. Some of the event may be filmed to be put on youtube.

Comments and Feedback are welcome.



The SF scene just gets lamer every time I come onto srk. Im sorry, not trying to be mean, but really? First the underdog tournaments and now this.


You know, to be honest, at first when I saw the underdog tournament I thought the same thing.

Thing is, one of sf’s biggest issues is getting coach potatoes, stream monsters and online players outside to breathe some natural oxygen. They’re like rabbits who are afraid to come outside and eat cuz of the predators. So they just stay inside and eat shitty ass roots.

To get them to come out you gotta wave a few carrots for em to make it seem worth it from their perspective.

Frankly, as bad as the ST player population situation is now, SF4 and MVC3 are not faring that much better. All our numbers are way too small. Not that it’s anybodies fault or anything, that’s just todays kids for you. Lazy.

So yeah this idea and the underdog tourney sound hella weak but seriously, what else can we do?

Maybe after coming out and seeing the sun again, the rabbits will stay outside more.


real supportive comments.

if you don’t like the idea why don’t you just shut the fuck up instead of voicing an opinion thats useful to nobody?

“not trying to be mean” lol…what are you trying to be then?


I agree with Teddy on this one. Maybe, just maybe, this sort of condescension and elitism is the problem with the community. These sort of allegories do little to encourage new players and, if anything, point out the “us and them” mentality present between tournament and casual players. While I understand that JED is trying to support the concept behind this event, his approach to it is questionable at best. These issues do need to be discussed in order to grow the community, but an event thread trying to bring in new players may not be the appropriate place for it.


Y’know what, your right, this was the wrong place to express these sentiments.

I know what it’s like to run a small tournament and it’s a headache.

I hope this event is very successful and good on Neorussel and whoever else for running it.


A&C Games is actually running the event, i’m just helping out with a few things.

In a nutshell, they want to do an Ultimate Fighter type thing where really weak or not notable SSFIV players gets coaches to help them survive in the Street Fighter world. Pit them against each other and reward the winner. It’s a great concept to bring in new players or help marvel players cross to SSFIV.

I do understand that SSFIV is old and after EVO, a few players will probably quit but do recognize that there will always be that one random player that becomes a diamond in the rough and surprises everyone (mosh). A&C wants to recognize those soon to be godlike players and what better way than to have coaches helping them in their path to victory. It’s a way for A&C Games to show community support.

They also get sponsored by them and last I heard, RDK ain’t complaining with whatever perks he receives from A&C Games.

In any case, back to the subject.
Any unknown or scrubbish SSFIV player is able to join.





yeah remember t10 ST teams? :frowning:


Thats rich coming from you. Guy who has shit on Canadian srk members for 10 years and now DaflipmastaXV: the upstanding srk citizen who says nothing ill of any idea or person.

Might I suggest you have some role in the continual “top player” jerk off session?


Now wasn’t that a pleasant memory.


I want in as coach !


wait, we get jerked off?


Dice: You have to talk to Gar from A&C Games. I believe they went to a few key top players in SSFIV and asked them who would be a good fit for the role.



He was talking about Top Players, not underdogs


dont make me bring out the makoto top player godfist


lamer in what way? in that it’s trying to appeal to a wider audience with interesting and unique events?


That you need to do so and the method in which it is being conducted. Also, lamer due to the new SF lingo like Swag and Hype and all this other shit that comes with the fighting game community these days, mostly Marvel. That includes ripping off reality tv shows to interest lesser players at their games to come out and play. If they don’t have the drive or attention span to play the game in the first place, maybe you should realize that events like these are only an artificial patch that doesn’t actually advance the players, but prolongs their participation in the scene just a little extra longer. You are just delaying the inevitable. Instead of the GTA worrying about players that don’t matter or less active players, focus all your drive on the top players and players that WILL continue to go out to every tournament and 0-2 since they do show the drive and competitive spirit. Not cater to people who sometimes come out when they feel like it and will never show drive, just so that you can continue to increase pot size for tournaments in future. That is the way I really see it. But you guys are running businesses these days so I see the need to have people who will dump money.


The number of people that come out and go 0-2 has been dwindling down to the 10s of people over the past few years. I would have gone asshole in this post, but I like you Turbo2Tone. The fact of the matter is that you’re not an active member of the Toronto scene, and you have no idea how hard it is to get people to come out nowadays.

Why the hell should we cater to the people who come to every tournament and go 0-2? The entire point is that they’ll come ANYWAY, if they have “competitive spirit”. Getting even MORE people to come out has the potential to draw even more of these people… casual players who suddenly realized they like playing in tournaments or being part of the scene, and they’re better than they thought.

Dick riding top players has pretty much been the reason the scene has died down. Shit like this has been needed for a long while.

If you feel like you need to continue to play with your small group of “top players”, nothing is stopping you from holding your own “private invite only tournaments where you need competitive spirit to participate, which will be measured by scientology e-meters etc etc etc”.


yup, swag and hype are the reasons fighting games in ontario are becoming more lame

I guess if you don’t like the game, it automatically makes the scene lame and dying.

Can you shut the fuck up already?