A call to SRK / The FGC in Rotendos time of need


A good friend of mine for a long time now, Rotendo, who has been a long standing member here on SRK and in the FGC, is in need of help. His wife suddenly passed away last night. He has spent many years paying for medical bills to keep her in health due to her illnesses and sadly, she passed last night. He has 3 children and does all he can. He has volunteered to be a judge at Evo for so many years, and other tournaments/major whenever he can. He is also a Marine and helps his friends whenever he has the time to, this guy goes above and beyond when it comes to helping others.

But now im asking if the FGC , if SRK can help him out in his time of need.

If you guys could donate anything, anything at all, im sure he would appreciate it. The funeral costs are one thing, but he still has to pay past medical bills to his wife and now must raise his 3 children alone. Please, help him out guys.


Rodolfo is super good people and has bent over backwards for friends. Please help him out.


Rotendo is indeed good peoples…I’ll see what I can give.

If he’s reading…my condolences to him and his family.


damn. first time i met him was at a tourny few years back with his wife and kids. few times i saw him after i never saw her again, never knew what was going on. super sad to hear this. definitely donating is he still in killeen? would like to give it in person


Met him a few times at Evo, fun guy to be around definitely everyone who can should donate or at least pray for the family despite knowing how SRK feels about that stuff.


He has moved around all the over the place in the last couple of years. Last I heard he lives in Texas (not exactly sure where his facebook doesnt has it listed.)


Killeen is in Texas.


Lemme see if we can’t get this some front page coverage.


Hey, thank you for bringing this up and spreading the word! We have the story covered now: http://shoryuken.com/2016/09/24/fgc-member-rotendo-seeks-community-aid-post-family-tragedy/


Great to see the financial support that Rotendo and his family has received so far…


Yeah Killeen/Harker Heights. I from there as well so I know Rodolfo, he always doing stuff for the community and is a great guy.


I see I was wrong.

If you scroll way, waaaaaaay down the donation list, there is a 3:rd donation from the streamer. I was wrong. Apologies.


And here I was just happy that you guys donated that much. I know there’s gonna be some % loss from the GoFundMe site but almost a 1,000 is a pretty big discrepancy.


I was wrong.


Yes, sorry for the loss. I remember rote do when we were both in North Carolina back in like 2003/2004 timeframe. Think he went to a tournament in Fayetteville Mindboggle arcade.


Closing and unstickying since people were able to go HAM for Rotendo.

Edit: Just unstickied. Reopened in case people want to give updates.


I just saw this thread now. can we still put some in for him, or is it too late?

EDIT: Nevermind. I got it to work. Fucking annoying ass Facebook tho.