I want to put A-Cammy in my team, I know all the basics with her,its not very hard, but i don’t know her Customs.

Post her best CC here please.


She doesn’t really have a good custom. But the one I use is: s.Fierce x3, s.RH, [RH Spiral Arrow] xN, when you get to the corner, s.RH, s.Jab [j.Jab] xN, QCB, QCB+K super. It does just under 7000.

There was one I saw Ken do at Evolution, he had like Cannon Spikes in it, it reminded me of her A3 custom.


I dont know if it’s more damaging but …

s.fierce x3, s.roundhouse, rh cannon drill, [fwd cannon drills] x till corner, [cannon spike, cannon strike] x meters almost out, s.fierce, QCB-QCB+k

a bit tougher variation is to start if off with a : Cannon spike XX whiffed Cannon strike, s.fierce -> Cannon drill, etc etc etc


The one that Ken did was:

Activate, c.mk. s.hpx2, s.rh, rh cannon drills to the corner then cannon spike to cannon shot, jump up and mash on mp, when meter nears its end do a fierce cannondrill when you land and immediately cancel into reverse shaft breaker and mash the buttons.


Actually, I think he was referring to the AA CC that Ken did. He started with a RH Cannon Spike, immediately whiffed a dive kick down, and then did s.fierce into drills to the corner.


ANTI AIR: stFP RHcannon spike wiffed shortcannonstrike St fierce RHcannon drill etc etc etc. Timing is very strict on wiffing cannon strike. just have to learn exactly when you have to cancel it .

He uses the St Fierce at the begginning and cancels it into the cannon spike so cannon spike is gaurunteed to hit.