A capcom vs square game


What would guys think if they made a capcom vs square game


Capcom vs Square? Do you mean Capcom vs Square Enix? I think that Square Enix has the majority of mecha games and RPG type of games. Though they did have Ehrgeiz and alot of licensed anime games.


yea square enix. Since capcom was taking a poll on their next capcom vs. title I thought it would be an awsome entry in the series


seeing characters from square in a fighting game would be pretty cool


They already are…it’s called Dissidia, and it’s for the PSP.


wtf is this?


i think

2009 was the best year ever for srk


^ lol hey we’re not all bad


Not only has this been posted like a billion other times in like “what VS game would you like to see” or “who would win in a fight” crap threads, but it’s a stupid idea anyways.


“Capcom v. Square is just Dissidia with more hadouken.”


GameFaqs anyone?


Yea but capcom did an official poll to see what people want the next capcom vs title should be. So im just puting my 2 cents in.


This topic sucks and you should feel bad B :tdown:…


The question is…why? How many people do you see starting threads about “omg wouldn’t a capcom vs whatever game would be sweet?” Take a minute, go back out to the forum. You will notice it’s just you.


Oh god. I just shit.


Its one thing to make a generic, dull thread TWICE, but its even worse when you don’t give an opinion on your own topic. Kids these days…


what can i say. I like to be original


stupid thread.


Good shit buddy, don’t be a sheep. Keep fighting the trend of good, worthwhile threads by making shitty worthless threads.


getting an early start on that k-groove I see