A-cho 3s Oro matches

Fuck that Oro that shit is so fucking ugly…really though when I play Oro it’s true that the best times I find myself dominating are when the character approaches me. Then I get chances to walk over mp if he jumps in, parry the jump in, whatever. Still I play footsies and poke games though, this Oro makes me wanna take a bath. Still I bow down to his charge partitioning skills, can anybody guide me in learning this? I know that the easiest way to do it is jump hold down, then jump hold down again and you’ll have charge. He charge partitions some funky stuff though, like he’ll sit there for a while then hop back and shoot a fireball. Anyways other than that, what mpx2 hit combos can you do? The only useful ones I know of are:
-mpx2, mpx1, sj rh/fierce
-mpx2, forward chicken, rh (only on some characters though right? which ones?)
-mpx2, jab reset into whatever

Is that it? I only ask because sometimes I psychic mpx1 into forward chicken just cause the reward is so great. People half the time get hit by chicken cause it goes to the other side, and a quarter of the time can’t punsih it with anything big. Still though it’s time to get serious and stop doing that shit. I won’t get away with it all the time.

Here are a few, including the ones you listed: (damage/stun taken from Ryu)

Close Strong (2 hits), Roundhouse.
25 damage, 30-35% stun.

Close Strong (2 hits), Strong Uppercut.
29 damage, 25-30% stun.

Close Strong (2 hits), Close Strong (1 hit) /\ vertical j.Roundhouse.
30 damage, 25-30% stun.

Close Strong (2 hits) XX Roundhouse Chicken, Roundhouse.
31 damage, 30-35% stun.

Close Strong (2 hits) XX Roundhouse Chicken, Strong Uppercut.
36 damage, 25-30% stun.

For the last two combos, here’s the character specifics:

Roundhouse only: Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Sean, Urien, Twelve, Hugo.
Forward only: Makoto, Necro, Chun-Li, Elena, Oro.
Both: Ibuki, Alex, Remy, Q, Dudley.
Neither: Yun, Yang.

And, of course, there’s always Close Strong (2 hits), Close Strong (1 hit) XX Yagyou or EX Tengu. :wink:

When you charge partiton, do you just dash back and hold downback real quick? OR dash forward and hold downback real quick? Can you also hold the charge on the first dash, walk around, store the charge in another dash/move and then do the move? What lets the saved charge go?

I don’t know too much about charge partitioning… didn’t think it was too useful for Oro until I saw Inoue’s backdash fireball keepaway. You’re probably better off searching the General Strategy or Urien/Remy/Alex forums.

Check out my method of teaching Charge Partition. I developed it after I was having trouble figuring it out, since most posts just say “Charge for 2 seconds and dash and recharge…blah blah blah”. So after fooling around I figured a low jab for Alex = 1 second of charge…and made a little system that after done you can do it all in your head…its pretty simple imo, most of the people i’ve shown this too learned it in 10 mins. My little bro can pull it off now.

The beat system - charge partitioning

Okay, I’m starting to get the hang of Inoue’s double-backdash-fireball. Just do the first fireball, then immediately charge back until Oro’s recovery is almost over. Then press back four times quickly, holding back on the fourth one. When Oro’s recovered from the backdash, press toward+Punch and start all over again. Just make sure that the first fireball has completely disappeared before attempting the second one.