A-Cho CvS2 Nationals

According to d44Bas CvS2 nationals is being streamed today here :

Not live yet.

Bas wins singles. 3v3 later today

Knowing my luck I’ll be at work when it starts -_- Oh well, youtube replays work just as well.

Should start in >2 hours

I will probably miss it too :<

Thanks man! Awesome that this is streamed this year, tuning in right now!

Here’s the singles entry list:

Blanca Chun-Li Sakura: A 1 SAW Kyoto
Ryu Sagat sound: C Osaka 2 喫音 @ Banchou Kenka
Blanca sound Sagat: C 3 Ol Tokai Kaiser
Burankabega Sakura: A four differences and Nara
Sagat dance sound: K 5 Rye Osaka
Blanca Vega Balrog: A Tokai 6 code
Honda Sagat Blanca: E Hyogo Taku 7
Liu Rorento hermitage: C Kanto 8MoMo
Kensagatto red circle: S Izumi Kanto 9
Sagat Blanca Geese: K Kanto roof 10
Kim Ryu Sagat: C 11 Kanto towel
Blanca Vega Bison: K ​​Kodama, Hyogo 12
Blanca Vega Balrog: A Kanto 13D44
Sagat Blanca hermitage: C 14 Ota Hyogo
Yamazaki Rugal Sagat: P Kanto 15P Luga
Begaburanka Sakura: A cut Hyogo 16
17 I win! Sagat Cammy Blanca: K Osaka
18 south a-choC: Joe Sagat Blanca
Blanca Vega Balrog: A Kiyoshi Osaka Tues 19
Chun-Li Sagat hermitage: C Kanto 20UWB
Sagat Cammy Kyoto: K Location: China Tch 21
Yamazaki Blanca Zangief: A Kanto 22GunterJPN
Blanca Ken Sagat: C Osaka snake 23Dra
Symphony No. Morrigan: K​​-chan Kanto have been 24 or
Rorentobega Sakura: A Tokai Silla 25
Blanca Sagat Cammy: K Miyazawa, Hiromi Hokuriku 26
Sagat Cammy Chun-Li: C Tokai 27KIKU
Blanca Sagat Cammy: K Tokai Jang police craftsman 28 combo
Ken Guile Sagat: C 29 Kanto giant flying squirrel
Morrigan Zangief Leiden: K ​​Yamamoto screw Kanto run @ 30

Got to try that E groove out sometime.




  1. D44 (A Vega, Bison, Blanka)
  2. Yane (K Geese, Blanka, Sagat)
  3. Rai (K Mai Hibiki Sagat)
  4. Tao Chan (C Ryu Kim Sagat)
  5. Dari (C Sagat Geese Rugal)
  6. YSK (A Sakura Blanka Bison)
  7. UWB (C Chun Sagat Iori)
  8. Cross (?) (C Blanka Hibiki Sagat)



  1. Cross-GAO (K Nakororu Rock Geese) - YSK
  2. Zeno (A Sakura Bison Blanka) Bocchan (K-CBS) Taku (C Honda Blanka Sagat)
  3. Tsuji (N Joe Sagat Blanka) Sacchansan (K-CBS) Kiku (C Cammy Sagat Chun)
  4. D44 Tao Chan King Chapa (K-CBS)

C-groove on the rise in 2012.

are these videos on youtube yet :eek:

lol its only available in CvS2-II : Zillionaire Fighting

@SNAAAAKE - Doesn’t look like it but this is a-cho’s yt

Dangit, Japan always keeps the best stuff to themselves!

No tourney vids up yet, but I’ve been killing time watching pre-tourney casuals



CvS2 :sad:

And those are just casuals XD. Damn so entertaining.

r there n e vids yet

I checked a-cho’s channel and did not see any new vids. It’s weird, because they’ve also done this in past cvs2 nationals - only release videos of casual, and withhold footage of the tournaments themselves.

DAMN those Ioris!!!