A-cho's 3rd strike tourney video

They just put up some matches video from recent tourney.

Oro video

more here

That Oro is Inoue. I’ll finish the video after I change my pants.

EDIT: Beautiful! Breakdown of Inoue’s tactics coming soon.


VS Dudley. Yaygyou Dama is the clear choice against this character, seeing as how he’s susceptible to corner crossups (and therefore corner unblockables) and the midscreen unblockable doesn’t require a lot of space against him.

As for Dudley using Rolling Thunder, I have no idea.

You’ll notice that Inoue starts off with a vertical jumping Roundhouse. This is surprisingly effective against most characters due to its high damage, great stun, and decent priority. He goes on to use this move frequently, especially by jumping in a little and vertical double-jumping.

0:29: Dudley’s a little close to the corner, so Oro whips out a fireball xx Yagyou to go for an unblockable. Dudley attempts to stay out of the corner by walking up as much as he can, but Oro counters by simply jumping over and chicken comboing him for free.

0.38: As you can see, Dudley was able to block the Roundhouse here. This is because the first hit or two of the Yagyou on waking up is blockable in both directions. But then Dudley gets confused and eats the last hit and another chicken combo, finishing the round.

0.55: No clue why Dudley doesn’t mash the rest of the super out…

1.04: Strange setup. It shouldn’t work unless, I suppose, Dudley choked.

1.11: See? It doesn’t work. However, Dudley got confused again and eats yet another chicken combo.

1.18: I dunno what happened there. Both players choked.

1:25: Nice attempt, but Oro didn’t get there in time to guardbreak.

VS Yun: Tengu is the clear choice, since Yun cannot be chicken comboed midscreen unless he’s slightly airborne before the first hit. He also can’t be crossed up in the corner.

1:46: Jump-in air chicken into chicken combo eats parriers for breakfast. He attempts a mixup by jabbing at the end, but it doesn’t work. Fortunately, Yun can’t do much about a blocked command grab.

2:33: Random Fierce uppercut paid off. Extremely risky, but now he gets a free regular Tengu pressure string to win the round.

3:09: This is really Oro’s best way of dealing with divekicks on wakeup. Just parry toward quickly, whether it’s a crossup or not. You have a little bit of time to see which side you’re on after the parry to figure out which way you want to input the chicken.

VS Ken: Both supers can be used against Ken, but Tengu is somewhat more versatile and reliable. The way he’s been going, though, he might as well have picked Yagyou.

3:53: I had no idea you could double jump after your air-to-air move is parried! Nice!

3:58: Random Fierce fireballs when you think the opponent will jump. Works well if you can read them.

4:00: Meaty ducking Short. DP that, you top-tier son of a bitch.

4:09: Looks like an option-selected launch. He probably expected to parry Ken’s crossup Forward. Nice little stun combo there, I usually do that to Hugo since the big guy can’t be chicken comboed midscreen, but hey, whatever works. STUUUUUN!

4:21: Charge-partitioned uppercut XX regular Tengu. Inoue, you fancy motherfucker! Too bad he choked his dashes afterward.

4:43: Peppering Ken with fireballs just to annoying him into doing something stupid. Charge partitioned off backdashes, I might add.

4:50: More runaway Oro. Hehe.

4:59: A feeble attempt at an unblockable… but Ken can’t be crossed up in the corner. Maybe Inoue thought the Ken player didn’t know that…?

5:04: It helps that the Ken player’s reaction isn’t the greatest. Pressure, no doubt.

5:17: Random EX uppercut when you expect the opponent to stick something out. Gotta love it.

Oro’s cheap.

Ken = skill.

That’s a pretty dope Oro though.


Oro’s F-ugly.


having fun against Alvin? heh. you should come on over. competition is pretty fierce here :karate:.

I was only able to beat Alvin’s Ken about 10-20% of the time. He’s a beast with his execution and reaction. He told me you don’t have unblockables over there… gay.

Gonna have fun learning anti-Ken strats with Mark. :slight_smile:


yeah. no Oro action over here. i told Alvin that you knew Oro lots, and told him to look out for your unblockables. Mark’s best is Urien. heh. he beat his brother in our last tourney here. i went against Mark in a best of 5 to determine the finalist against Lifetimeboy. lost the 5th game. if you have MSN, hit me up there, man.

My biggest weakness is that my execution is shit thanks to not playing on sticks enough. I’m in the market for a PS2 stick so I can fix that.

I’ll PM you my MSN/e-mail.

Jinrai: Great job breaking down the video! Much appreciated, learned quite a few new things there…

In a little bit I’ll try to do the same for the other a-cho vid that features Inoue. In this one he OCVs a 2-man team (Akuma/Elena). Neither of these matchups seem to be common (esp. Elena), so I’ll try to be as detailed as possible.


question about the oro vid.

after oro does juggle MP/watari x2 into rock super, is that possible in the ps2 version with system setting original? Just curious…practicing it today, but can’t seem to connect HK.

Are you sure you’re doing the EX Tengu?

OK, here is the vid breakdown I promised. Remember, the video here is acho_3rd_20040828i .

The teams are: EXE (Remy)/Inoue (Oro)/Muraka (Ryu) vs. Dot (Akuma)/Mia (Elena).

I’ll be skipping the first match (Dot vs. EXE) as I don’t really care about either character. A player of either of them should take a look at this though, both players are very solid. In the end Dot gets the win.

Note that I tend to use player and character names rather interchangeably here, so remember who plays who!

OK, now for Inoue vs. Dot:

Inoue picks Tengu Stone here, Dot (like every Akuma in every matchup) picks SA1. Tengu is easily the better choice, as it still offers some damage potential even if the Akuma is perfect with reversal teleports; Yagyou, on the other hand, is rendered essentially useless by this move.

1:52: Inoue makes a rather risky but correct choice in starting the match - he jumps forward and does a roundhouse as he’s about to land. This is perfect because Dot threw a fireball at the start, so Inoue gets free chicken combo as a result. He doesn’t actually DO a chicken combo, however; he instead does 2-hit strong, walkup 1-hit strong, superjump cancelled into roundhouse. He probably did this because he wasn’t sure if the strong would combo (the j.RH did hit kinda high).

1:55: After landing from the superjump, Inoue throws a MP fireball which whiffs as Akuma dashes forward. Was probably just trying to read his opponent and get an anti-air knockdown with this, but nothing came of it. He was lucky, though, as Dot tried to punish with low forward and just barely whiffed. The match is pretty much reset as a result.

1:57: Some standard-issue poking from both players follows. Inoue relies heavily on far s.MK, as well he should; this move is key vs. shotos because it beats their low forward and low strong reliably. Nobody lands a hit here.

1:59: Dot jumps forward, and in response Inoue superjumps forward and immediately uses j.MK. This is useful because j.MK has a pretty far reach below Oro, and in this case it beats an Akuma divekick. The bad thing about this is that it leaves Akuma in a good position to try a throw; that is exactly what Dot does upon landing, and Inoue sees it and techs the throw.

2:00: Inoue tries poking with s.MK again, but eats a fireball which Dot threw right after being teched. As a result of that fireball, he is now stuck in the corner. He uses neutral jump roundhouse once to zone, then sees Akuma throwing an air fireball and tries to dash under it for a free Tengu Stone combo (he has somewhere around 70% meter by this point). He is too late, though, and the fireball hits him.

2:03: More standard poking follows, with neither landing a hit. After a little of this, Inoue suddenly dashes forward twice to get next to Akuma. I’m not sure what he was going for here, because he does nothing after the dash and gets hit with an Akuma close strong. He might’ve been attempting a delayed close strong, in which case he waited too long. shrug Anyway, Dot follows this up with a blocked low strong, then sees Inoue move back and forth and catches him with a sweep.

2:09: Inoue tech rolls back into the corner. Dot throws an air fireball timed to connect as he gets up, and Inoue dances a little and gets hit by it. Not sure if that was supposed to be a parry attempt or if he just choked for a second. Dot follows this up with plain ol’ poking and air fireball zoning, then goes for another divekick. Inoue spots it again and does the exact same thing he did last time to beat the divekick.

2:14: Akuma is at a noticeable advantage after this due to landing before Oro. Expecting another tech hit from Inoue, Dot goes for a close strong to beat what would be a throw attempt. Inoue is thinking along the same lines, though, and backdashes upon landing to avoid the strong. After the backdash Inoue tries another s.MK, but Dot just blocks it.

2:15: Both characters dash to the left to stay at mid-range. Inoue jumps straight up, then forward. Dot smacks him out of the air with neutral j.fierce, then throws a fireball which Inoue gets hit by upon landing. It looks like Inoue was trying an uppercut or something after he landed…dunno what was up with that series of events. It should be noted that Inoue now has full meter.

2:16: Inoue dashes forward twice. With the second one he goes underneath an Akuma divekick, so now they are at mid-range but on opposite sides. Definitely not a bad situation for Oro.

2:18: Inoue uses neutral jump roundhouse as a poke, which is blocked. This is followed by a s.roundhouse (the first of the match, I think), which is also blocked. He then throws a MP fireball, but Dot didn’t bite and punishes him with a fireball. Not sure why he did that, as he had meter and could have gotten a free super. Maybe he wanted to save it for later…

2:21: Some more poking follows, until Dot suddenly decides to jump forward and throw out an early j.MK. This was probably done in anticipation of Oro going for another neutral j.RH, but instead Inoue (who was using low pokes and charging) sees the whiffed air move and punishes him with a jab DP. Upon landing he immediately activates EX Tengu Stone and dashes up to him to go for the mixup.

2:25: Inoue uses s.short as Akuma gets up to try to force him into blockstun, but Dot gets his reversal teleport and flies off to the right side of the screen. Oro dashes forward a couple times and tries a f+strong, in the hopes that Dot messes up a second teleport, but that second teleport does indeed come out. Akuma is now in the corner, so Oro only has to dash forward once; he does so and tries another f+strong, but Akuma gets a third successful teleport. After this one, Dot throws out a close fierce which hits Oro…maybe Inoue wanted to try another normal but was too late. After the fierce, Akuma teleports to the other side of the screen as the Tengu meter runs out. So yes, Inoue did not get one single pixel of damage from the super.

2:31: After the last teleport, Akuma throws a fireball which Oro blocks upon landing from a forward jump. After blocking, Inoue uses a f+strong (perhaps to hit Akuma out of a poke or dash), but Dot jumps straight up and throws an air fireball which Oro jumps back from. Now Oro is in the corner, but gets out by superjumping over Akuma as he throws another air fireball. Dot dashes forward and tries to hit Oro with a low forward as he lands, but Inoue once again thinks the same thing and backdashes. As he did before, he follows this up with a s.MK, which whiffs. Immediately after the whiff Inoue jumps straight up (presumably to go for another roundhouse), but this turns out to be a bad decision because Dot threw a fireball right after missing his low forward. It happens to catch Inoue in his jump and knock him down.

2:38: Akuma divekicks, then dashes to try to stay on Oro. After the dash, Dot throws out a sweep, which hits Oro as he gets up. Akuma dashes forward again, then throws a fireball cancelled into the super as Oro gets up. Inoue tries to parry but is not at all successful, and Dot wins the first round.

Alright, that’s enough for now, I will finish all of this ASAP.


That was… thorough. No rush, you’re doing us all a good service.

Thanks for the comments. =) I try to document as many mindgames, big and small, as possible, along with what sets them up. There are so many which you can easily miss just watching the video; case in point, Inoue trying to dash under the air fireball (if he pulls that off, he gets the Tengu combo and probably wins the round).

Now to the second round of this battle…

2:49: Inoue starts by playing it safe and jumping back with roundhouse, which Dot reacts to by jumping forward and throwing an air fireball. Oro looks like he’s about to throw a fireball of his own upon landing, but he is immediately hit out of it by said air fireball. Akuma combos off of the fireball with low forward and cancels that into demon flip, then does a late divekick which is blocked; this may have been meant to fool Inoue into thinking he was going for the throw, but it didn’t work out that way. Dot follows it up with a close s.MK which is also blocked, and from there things once again go to Oro being in the corner and Akuma trying to keep him there.

2:54: After a whiffed neutral j.RH from Oro, Akuma jumps straight up and throws an air fireball. Oro jumps backwards over it, and Akuma dashes forward. Inoue sees that he is vulnerable to any number of anti-air moves and tries to double-jump, but he does so just a little too late; Dot tags him with a close fierce during the jump’s startup. Following this, Dot dances back and forth next to Oro and backdashes as soon as he lands; this very likely was intended to bait a tech throw attempt, as Dot uses a low forward immediately after the backdash. This in turn would have punished the whiffed throw and allowed him to combo into super (of which he still had one), but Inoue made an extremely risky move: Short chicken feet immediately after landing. It turned out to be an excellent decision, as it hit Akuma out of the low forward, knocked him down, and switched sides.

2:58: As Akuma gets up, Oro forces him to block with a close short. This is an excellent normal which gives him a +4 frame advantage on hit or block; only close jab (+5 on both) is better in this area, and almost everyone can duck the jab while nobody can duck the short. Inoue follows up with walkup throw, and Dot sees this and jumps straight up to avoid it. Here is where Dot makes a HUGE mistake: Early in this jump, he throws out a strong. He likely believed that Inoue would anticipate him jumping, and jump himself with a roundhouse or airthrow or something. The strong would’ve beaten anything if that were the case. However, since Inoue did attempt a throw, and Dot did the early j.strong, this means that Oro is free to move while Akuma is stuck landing from the jump. And since Akuma attacked during the jump, he cannot parry on the way down. This in turn means…

2:59: …free Tengu Stone combo! Since Inoue doesn’t have enough meter after the juggle to do the true combo, he instead uses low fierce (which builds more meter than strong) for the reset. Of course, he makes an extremely obvious execution mistake here in cancelling the fierce into normal Tengu instead of the EX version. He lands the s.roundhouse reset to knock Akuma down, then does a far s.short as he gets up. It connects, and he continues doing blocked far shorts at a somewhat slow pace. I am guessing these are intended to bait reversal teleports (he CAN be hit out of that move at a certain point, right?), but not sure of this. After a few of these, Inoue jumps forward for reasons which I am unable to figure out, and it is here when Dot teleports out of the corner.

3:08: Oro dashes forward once after the teleport, dances a little, then dashes forward again. A little after the second dash, Dot forward dashes himself. This doesn’t work too well, as Oro recovers first and hits him out of this dash with low short linked to stand short. My best guess here is that the dance was meant to make Dot think he was on the defensive and go for a throw; whatever the intention, this worked very well.

3:10: Immediately after that series of events, Dot goes for a sweep and Inoue jumps forward. I am unsure as to why sweep was used here, as it would’ve lost to s.forward or roundhouse. Anyway, Inoue attempts a crossup forward as he lands from the jump, but it misses. Immediately upon landing he throws out a low short, which hits, then a far short, which is blocked. That is followed by jumping forward with MK, which connects (it appears that Dot tried some sort of normal far too late to beat the MK). Upon landing Inoue does a close short, which doesn’t combo but hits anyway (…?), followed by walkup kara throw (looks like he threw him out of some sort of normal).

3:14: Oro dashes up to Akuma as he tech rolls the throw and hits him with low forward (seems like Dot just thought he was going to try an overhead). After this, Inoue walks back a bit. This coaxes Dot into thinking he should try another sweep (since it worked before on a moving Inoue), and this time Inoue anticipates it and beats it with s.MK to win the second round.


Sweet analysis. I can’t wait for round 3 and the Elena match-ups.

The second analysis was more thorough, but jinrai’s was pretty damned “beautiful” like he said.

"4:00: Meaty ducking Short. DP that, you top-tier son of a bitch."
lolol. you are my hero

Heh, thanks. My breakdown is more concise and reports only what is seen, but I praise Josh for attempting to get into Inoue and Dot’s heads and breaking down the possible mindgames involved.

this is true, but its easy to stay away from yaygyou dama if you know what you’re doing, i still think the tengu stone is the super of choice, and this dudley is not that good.

I watched all of those 3S vid’s and I wanted to know who are the players to Oro, Hugo & Twelve…or even all of them.