A-Chun vs P-Geese



Ive started to use a-chun recently. I realize c-chun is better but I play a-groove, so I dont want a lot of replies saying to change grooves :smiley:

Anyway, i need some help with this matchup. P-geese is owning my chun. I cant jump. I get maybe 1 or 2 successful jumps in a game. I get grounded by c.jab, c.rh, s.rh, and if i do manage to get in the air, his c.fierce is more than enough to stop my cross up attempts. Attacking from the front has not been too successful either, because all his wiffed attacks seem to leave him plenty of time to safe parry -> close s.fierce (out of the air)/throw.

I’ve tried using twds.rh against his poke string (c.jab, c.jab, c.rh, repuken). But Im just forced to block more jabs, get a counter hit if I try to jab, or a low parry. Ive thought of using rc sbk at this point too but im not too good at those and I dont even know if they will be effective (ie will they be fast enough that he cant high counter).

I cant get into my s.mp range because of his s.rh zoning. If I block one of these I either get low parried, or am forced to block a c.rh xx repuken and the poking starts all over again.

So I guess my main problem is, how do I escape the poke strings. Is there a way to keep him out?

Any other strats/setups with chun would be good too, but mostly relating to geese as he’s the only character im at a total loss with what to do.

Oh, and I do her ghetto sweep/sbk custom cuz I havent had a chance to practice her others :smiley:



Do what I do, run away from him all day, don’t bother trying to counter his block strings. And after his standing roundhouse, try to throw him if he is close. Cause he wants that low parry.

Tick throws also work pretty well against steve in general.


He’s never close after a s.rh. If I try to throw I get c.jab, c.jab, c.rh


all i know is that c.forward kills geese’s s.rh…that what i do when i have chun vs his geese.

and do the c.fierce cc’ @___________@ cause u can end it with kick super + follow up!! just check gunters site again!!:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:


That shit too hard, im ghetto.


guy! how is this hard?!

c.fpx4, ->rhxN…sbk c.fp xx super


Cuz i never in my life had time to practice it, and there’s timing involved.


why dont u do, or try the super jump one then?! its easier. or other ones. u can still try it out on matchs

timing isnt that hard im pretty sure you can do it.

but hey what do i know…

do this one…

c.forward,c.fiercex5,c.rh,rh sbk, s.jab then sj.jabs n shit timing in this one isnt that hard with the fierces…


Maybe if I had time to practice outside of a game situation yea… but i dont… so i stick with the sweep sweep sweep S-B-K sweep sweep sweep FROZEN ORB


Man I’ve told you about this match up before…but I’ll write it up I guess.

Use F.Forward to stop him from jumping in. This move is a real good anti-air against P Groove in general. Geese can’t even crouch block it…

Airthrow is also a very good anti air option…of course…
C.Roundhouse XX lvl 1 bubble, is ok just hope he doesn’t parry it all…

C.Forward is REAL good against Geese, and it gives you frame advantage…so you can follow up with some mixups

Headstomp is also key. It will trade or beat his C.Fierce(unless you’re real predictable) and if he parries, you fly over his head, where you have many high/low options(crossup, C.Strong, S.Strong, throw)

walk back and forth a lot…this is very important. S.Strong will punish missed sweeps like it was nothing. From there you can cancel into lvl 1…
S.Fierce is also very good at punishing missed sweeps and just a good poke in general…

In general does P Geese beat Chun Li? Probably not. Like many matchups that seem bad at first, you just have to play her a little differently. That doesn’t mean much since P Geese can pretty much beat anyone after one knockdown…but you still shouldn’t be losing this bad…

EDIT: There’s like no timing in Chun’s Fierce punch CC…C.Fiercex3->{F.Forward(slight pause because this move hits a slow)->C.Fierce x3 }x n ->super

against small character start it off with C.Fierce->Fierce fireball(makes the character stand up)->F.Forward…


jay has givin away the secret to fighting geese with chun li there is not really much i can do if u go about it the right way u have to be patient walking back & forth is really good actually cause it distorts distances which forces me to guess and she can punish whiffs easily man …trust me


More on headstomp…

It comes out real fast. Which allows you to fuck with his parry timing…


Jump right at Geese, Either J.Forward or Headstomp and Geese has to guess which to parry because the timing is much different.

If he guess wrong on the J.Forward, thats a free combo
If he guesses wrong on the headstomp, you have lot’s of options…

If he parries the headstomp and attacks to counter(like he would normally on jumpins) you can probably counter hit him. Otherwise you’re over his head and he can just super jump Strong or roundhouse you from full the about ahlf screen, I forgot you’re in a groove(no air block). Near the corner you can pretty much headstomp him without any consequences.


fireballs stop me from walkin gback and forth usually…

and jay sam isnt talkin about her fierce into f.forward combo, hes talking about the one thats just standing roundhouses…

edit: fuck, i forgo tto try headstomp last time, i was going to try that… damnation…


uhh ok. the fierce once does WAY more damage than the sweep one, and it’s easier to time…that’s why I’m telling you to use it.

Geese throws a fireball -> S.Roundhouse, works well from full screen because he has to wait longer to throw another fireball and doing up close never puts you at risk.

Geese throws a fireball from half screen or closer…super jump headstomp…or empty jump C.Strong(at about max distance)