A classic 2D fighting game without stun?


I’ve been wondering if the “stun” in classique 2D fighting game has a special purpose ? What does it bring to a fighting game ? Is this just a classic features that tends to be ported from game to game without second thinking ?


It lets you know you should be blocking more/better.


Ok, but what does it achieve gameplay wise ?

I already know that I should block more/better since I’m already taking damage because of this bad habits. Why take more damage because of the stun ?

Second question, could a 2D classic fighting game without a stun be a credible thing or is this a mandatory feature ?


It’s an additional reward for constant pressure and gives a bit more incentive to take risks to get it. Also allows the player to maintain pressure (gamewise and mentally) between attacks that aren’t combos.

It’s also interesting to think about the difference between showing it to the player or hiding it. Hiding adds more uncertainty and uneasynes (SF4), while showing it is more calculation and deterministic (SF5).


Several things actually. If the aggressor knows that they are close to stun, it may change their gameplan. They may go for the stun to solidify a win, but could overstep their ability and make a mistake and have the tables turned. If the person about to get stunned takes note, they may take up a full screen zoning attempt to clear the stun.

So it’s not so much the stun itself, but the threat of stun that alters behavior/gameplay.

Stun is also a secondary indicator, maybe you’re not paying enough attention to your health and how frequently you’re getting hit. It’s intended as an insult to injury mechanic to inspire the person getting stunned to play more mindfully.

I’m sure there are several games that don’t have stun, it’s certainly not necessary but it adds a dramatic element in some instances. In a lot of ways its the reverse of a comeback mechanic, which you often hear people complaining about in modern games.


Yeah man, totally.


People will block more.


Could have sworn there was a thread similar that popped up about the topic of dizzy in fighting games…
Oh, here it is:

Deja vu.


Yeah I was going to bring that up, but this guy isn’t being a complete tool about it, so I figured I’d give him and honest reply.


I have read through the thread and it was helpful, I have all the answer and opinion I searched for.