A claws encounter of the furred kind: The Ms. Fortune Team Strategy Thread



This is a thread for what teams/assist fit well with Ms. Fortune.
I’m using heavy Fiber Uppercut and using Cerebella’s Cerecopter for lockdown.


why do all these threads have really fucking stupid names?


James Puns has gotten to us.


I’ve been using Peacock’s Shadow Of Impending Doom H, it helps catch the opponent off guard and starts combos for Ms. Fortune.



Anyway, I use Peacock, but my assist lingers between S.H and Bomb Assist, but for Fortune her Fiber Uppercut is PERFECT for peacock, it covers they only space peacock can’t


Using Fortune/Parasoul. St.MK assist for Fortune and Napalm Trigger for Fortune. Seems like a really good rushdown/invul assist team. Was using Cerebella’s copter for a while but sadly it has no invul.


I thought it would be nice to have a slow moving, grounded projectile for an assist to help Fortune move her head along the ground (by chasing the projectile). Would definitely be useful for those moments where the opponent is zoning you from the opposite side of the screen and it’s dangerous to leave the head on the ground but even more dangerous to pick it up.
I found George’s Day Out from Peacock fitting, but I guess I’m too lazy/dedicated to bother actually playing with a team.


I was running st. MK assist for Ms. Fortune for tricky throw setups but, I think her fiber uppercut is a great alpha counter/anti-air assist.


j.HP>land>instant j.LK>air dash>j.LK>j.MP>land>c.LK>combo
Fuzzy Guards! Yeah! Midscreen j.LK has to be from a neutral jump, but I don’t think it matters too much in the corner. It’s hard to do on the shorter characters but I’ve gotten it to work midscreen on everyone, not consistent on Cerebella/Painwheel/Peacock

No idea if this is useful or not, haven’t tried it in a real match yet.


DP for Fortune and Mortuary Drop for Valentine.
I think I’m dropping Val though. How’s Fortune / Fillia?


Mortuary Drop is so obvious, try running normal throw with Valentine.


Hey, new Fortune player here. I was wondering how a team of Filia/Fortune is? I’m still trying to learn some good combos with Fortune. I honestly don’t know what a good assist for either girl is. If not, I can always run her by herself. :confused:


I think Fortune/Filia is a better team. Filia’s DP is a great assist for most of the characters in the game.


it’s a reference to Bubsy for the snes (which was chock-full of puns) and it’s a decent pun that fits the character.

or we could have some dumb shit like “full time lesbian spider-lady” like the sf4 juri forums. Now THAT’S a fucking stupid name.


Hm, good to know! I’ll try seeing how they mesh soon. I just gotta see if I can do some good combos with Fortune, because I know a lot for Filia.



'll check that out. Thank you.


I use Double’s assbomb because assbomb works with everything and the only other character I’m competent at using is Double.


Most threads on the forums have bad names, most are just quotes from characters or failed attempts at being creative.
Though it’s a quote it fit’s Fortune well due to her excessively cheesy puns.

As for the topic at hand, I say fortune is better off with a move like the perviously mentioned Double assist, or Cerebella’s shotgun punch. Worked wonders so far anyway.


why the shotgun punch? I was thinking of running Fortune/Cerebella ( I don’t find Parasoul fun at all ) and I don’t know what assist to run. Was trying to decide between Diamond Drop, anti-air grab, and Cerecopter.

Also how’s the DHC synergy between the two? Not that Ms. Fortune really needs the extended DHCs with her nom loops.


I tend to use her shotgun punch when I’m in, mainly a bit of a mixup tool. Using it when I either do the 2nd rekka on block into headcall cancel, or if they’re straight up just afraid to throw out anything I use a jumping hp>airdash>hp, and with the ridiculous way you can cross up (or not) it can lead to some pretty annoying stuff, certain there’s better stuff, this is just what’s been consistant for me. <Edit> This goddamn college internet…