A claws encounter of the furred kind: The Ms. Fortune Team Strategy Thread



i think diamond drop is the best for resets, cerecopter is good for fuzzy mixups if you make them block a jumpin+assist (do instant j.LK after)


The DHC synergy between Bella/Fortune is okay. Bella’s Diamond Dyanamo can be followed into Ms.F’s lvl.1 super. As for Bella’s command grab super, that can only be followed into Fortune’s lvl 3. Fortune into Bella has some DHC options as well. Feral edge can easily be DHC’d into Diamond Dyanamo.


im new to ms. fortune just wanted to know if doing st. lpx2, st. lk, st.mp, st.mk, st.hk, j.lp, j.mp, j.hp, cr. lk, furserker barrage, cr. lk furserker barrage, cr. lk, st.mk, st. hk, j,.lp, j.hp j.hk was a good combo and if dropping the j.hk at the end for an air-dash, air grab reset was a viable option or not.


how is MS Fortune’s Synergy with Valentine?

I figure Valentine will start in the back because of her many specials right?


flowchart tactics with fortune/double

  1. charge fortune battery
  2. getting pressured? chicken block, alpha counter into double butt. bonus points if they’re in the air and don’t have an air super
  3. did the butt whiff or get blocked? cancel into cat head super
  4. get ms. fortune on point eventually
  5. repeat

possible solutions to step 4: dhc in or raw tag if your head’s on the field

imo 2nd option has lots of potential because you can control your head before the point character actually appears. depending on how creative and situationally aware you are you might be able to do stupid silly shit like double 2hp xx tag, omnom midscreen; 2hp has tons of hitstun so you don’t even have to bounce them. anyone else have experience with the headless tag mechanic?

pure theory fighter 4, but alpha counter into cerebella aa grab xx showstopper may also be a sick option select

flowchart number 2:

  1. land a hit anywhere, dial a combo, build some meters
  2. snap back
  3. start running
  4. call double butt before they pop out. cross under or fake it
  5. if it hits, go to 1.
  6. else, mixup low/high/xup. if it hits, go to 1.
  7. else, load a different flowchart


I’m running a full team with Valentine/Fortune/Double, basically the goal is play very safe with valentine while calling double an look for an opening once you get a hit kill the character unless it is a solo character this combo will kill from anywhere on the screen off throw or j.HP, or j.HK dash j.MP j.HP, this last one is a bit different though.

The reason why I use these characters is fortune has the highest post min damage combo in the game and Valentine has the best corner carry, double has a great assist and well something else. Hopefully I can get recording equipment and post this combo video worthy combo soon but it works on all characters with slight variations.

This was on painwheel for instance.
Val raw throw,2HP,j.HP,dash,j.MP(2-3),j.HP,land,j.LP,j.MP(1-2),j.HP,dash 5LP,LP,LP,5MP~5MP,5MK,(call double assist),5HK,5HK,(236HK only if you called double assist, 236HP if you didn’t)236K+K,236P+P to Miss Fortune,2LPLP,5HK,j.MP,j.MK(2),214HP,land j.LP,j.MP,j.HK,5]H[,214]H[,5MP,5MK(2),236MP,236MP,[H],236MP,5]H[,214]H[,2MP,5MK(2),236MP,236MP,[H],236MP,5]H[,214]H[,5LP,5MP,5MK(2),236MP,236MP,[H],236MP,5]H[,214]H[,5LK,5MP,5MK(2),236MP,236MP,[H],236MP,5]H[,214]H[,2LK,5MP,5MK(2),236MP,236MP,[H],236MP,5]H[,214]H[,7j.dash j.LK,j.MK,214MK,2HK(1),236P+P,236K+K to Double,5LPLP,5HK,j.MP,j.HP,land,j.LK,j.MK(2),j.HK,j.214MK,land,2LP,5MK,5MK,2HP,623HK,236P+P, but normally if I’m up against a solo I’ll reset during the double or miss fortune loop.

I could probably optimize it some more especially at the end but it is good enough for now especially considering I just picked up Miss Fortune and Double last weekend XD, yes you can do this starting with 1 meter.

edit: hey I found out if while I do the double assist I do 214LP>kicks super I can charge a poison dagger mid combo. then just use it as an assist during the miss fortune loop for a bonus 10% of total life damage. Yes this means I could use 2 poison darts in the same combo for 20% of total life instantly hilarious isn’t it :D.


anyone doing dhc trick with j.214kk? unless mike z patches it out shit could get real

stuff > 5hk -> low j.214kk, dhc on penultimate hit. works both midscreen and corner, head on and headless (hold [H] during the whole thing), although it depends what you dhc into. valentine knives and double cats are great (^^ that team comp is gdlk) for example. between the ridiculous hitstop and the ground bounce your partner has about a year to do anything she wants

combo vid material if nothing else


I usually go Air Sword Blockbuster -> Peacock Bomb -> Argus Agony.

Dat awesome ground bounce.


I’ve actually built a reset around that exactly. Basically combo>OTG>relaunch>fiber upper>dash under>j.LK>QCB+KK

I just whiff cerebella grab super right immediately after the final hit and I can followup with half a bella combo before they can tech.

The DHC synergy between the two is actually very good, but works better from bella to fortune.

Bella super grab can be dhc’d into fortune’s lvl 3. Costs 3 meters and does 9800. Hell, you can even follow it up with a combo if you had grabbed them outta the corner.

Bella diamond dynamo can be dhc’d into fortune’s claw super or lvl 3. If fortune has her head and pushes them to the corner she can combo for more damage since she puts them in a slide animation.

Both of fortune’s claw supers can be dhc’d into diamond dynamo.

Fortune’s feral edge can be dhc’d into a whiffed grab and followed up with a full combo.

if they block a headless claw super you can DHC into bella grab since the second part of that super whiffs on crouching characters.

As for assists, I use LK fiber upper and diamond drop. Upper protects bella’s airspace and can be used for resets if you’re clever. Diamond drop is of course there for ground resets but is so fast you can often use it to counter jumpins. Both assist also work very well as crossover counters should you get lockdowned.

You should use cerecopter against teams that you cant afford to let get away like peacock/double.


^^ looks above.

ive been thinking of what assist to set to fortune to compliment my bella for a while now, even though i havent got round to learning her (fortune) yet.
LK fiber upper seems like the best bet, but mainly since her other specials are a bit poor to say the least.

so i was considering a normal move to use as an assist and discovered that with fortunes cr.HK, both hits go low (probs you guys already know) but also that it is not an actual blockstring. I was thinking of whether it was possible to grab them using bella in between the two hits, and turns out you can! although the timing seems pretty tight. i managed to land bellas 360 grab once in between the two hits, but wasnt able to land it again. this was online though so maybe lag could have factored into it as well. thought it was pretty interesting though.

is LK fiber upper pretty much the only one of her assists worth using? i thought about using her head removing move as well but that doesnt work so good,as well as it only doing anything on the odd numbered times you call it.

dont suppose youve ever tried seeing if you can DHC into bellas grab super before the final hit of fortunes head attached qcf PP super? its something ive been wondering about for a while but havent tested it. not sure if that super is a full blockstring or not.


So, since I’m not a team player, who has experimented with comboing into raw headless Fortune tag so she can go into Nom? I think I tried it once.

Basically, end chain with a normal that has a lot of hitstun, cancel into raw tag, cancel into Nom.

The problem of course being that the head has to be close enough, but maybe the screen edges IS close enough for most situations.


So I read through this thread, guitalex’s Ms. Fortune guide, and did a search with the keyword “zoom,” so I think not many people know this.
I assume the consensus about Ms. Fortune’s head moves as assists is in most cases she’ll execute Headbutt with any of the HP commands entered as custom assists. So she normally can’t use her other moves like Feline Allergies or Omnomnom as assists.

At least I hope that’s the consensus, otherwise I sound really ignorant.

After observing the single player AI, I saw Ms. Fortune use the HP launcher with her head on and Zoom with her head off as assists, and I wondered how it was able to do that.

Turns out if you enter df.HP or db.HP as a custom assist, it comes out as the launcher with her head on and as Zoom with her head off.

The point character can also hit and chain off the head as it’s recovering, but people probably already knew that part.


This is odd. But great find.

Originally I was psyched about custom assists because I wanted to set qcb+HP as my motion, so after calling her once to toss it I could use it again to Nom, but that is not possible. I was pretty sure that the assist selection didn’t remember the motions to prevent option selecting, but this is a weird new development.

(I wouldn’t be surprised my guide doesn’t have info on this because I wrote it mostly on knowledge I got using her solo.)


Oh man that’s awesome. Need to try this out later. Fortune has a lack of good non-anti-air assists sadly, so I can never get anything good when I partner Fortune and Filia.

EDIT: I tried this out yesterday before I raged at lag related issues and it’s bloody awesome. The head always goes toward the opponent too, I was afraid it would only move in one direction (either f or b based on your input for the assist). Post patch it might be a little tricky to combo off the green bounce unless you were in your opponent’s face when you called the head, but I would still say this is the best assist Fortune has. Fiber Upper no more for me.

EDIT2: I just realized I almost never alpha counter, but if I start to then Fiber Upper might still be better suited. Though the zooooom is so much fun.


interesting stuff on using zoom for fortunes assist. may give it a go sometime when i get back online. i wonder if you would be able to cancel the zoom into either nom or her sneeze move when you go for an alpha counter to bring fortune in.

edit : since posting this last night ive been wondering about its utility and the way it works. does it make the head hittable? does it stop if fortune is hit? does it activate as soon as i press the buttons or does fortune need to touch the ground for it to start.

im pretty excited to try it out since i have bella on my team as well. should make dealing with peacock about 100 times easier than it currently is with bella. i never really used her fiber upper assist much anyway so looking forward to running some matches with it.


It should stop if she is hit as normal. Fortune will hit the ground, THEN Zoom will go. Additionally, it should behave like Zoom normally does; losing its hitbox when she blocks or is hit. But I think in a situation where you need to get a character out because they might get chipped to death it’s still worth the switch IF Fortune can block as soon as she comes in.

Note I said SHOULD on all of those. I don’t really know.


yea i was thinking about that with the crossover assist thing if it would enable you to basically do whatever you want when you come in because of the way the head moves work etc etc


Hmm… so what you’re saying is…

…hmm. Evil afoot.

edit: OK, so this is something that will have to be tested post patch. As it is right now, first off she will still do the launcher instead of doing Zoom regardless of having her head on or not (fixed in the patch) and it’s still possible to override the counter’s actual move by performing a move or hitting anything really (I can do alpha counter to Zoom but instead input Fiber Upper and it will come out instead, also fixed in the patch).

But this is an interesting development. Due to Fortune’s unique headless Zoom not requiring any movement on her part, she could theoretically STILL alpha counter with a Fiber Upper input manually while still having Zoom.

edit2: The head is vulnerable from the moment Fortune comes in until Zoom is done recovering, even when Fortune is no longer on screen. Which is pretty funny. Although it’s damn hard to punish the head with enough damage, really. Considering the assist will recover the damage easily. The patch’s damage boost on assists may help.


I love kicking the head with Double while it’s ZOOMing as an assist.


i was actually wondering how fast fortunes throw is for the alpha counter and if it was fast enough to grab people from out of block strings.

alpha counter blocked move > ground throw > Nom > full combo

even coming in after an alpha counter and starting with LP could be viable as long as you block a medium before doing it. dunno if the opp would be able to chain another light before you got yours out.

edit : hmmmm so it seems her throw starts in 7 frames and her st.LP starts in 5. it should be possible then to beat almost every kind of chain on the ground using the st.LP to start a combo. youd have to be careful of multihitting moves though. i presume you can probably just come in blocking as well.

so were you saying that in the patch version it wont be possible to have zoom as an assist in the patched version? or that you cant basically have fortune perform any of her moves on an alpha counter?