a Cody doc

Does it exist? If not I’m kinda working on one, although it’s nowhere near anything as I’m ill and my mind isn’t fully working. So the question is, who wants to compile tons of knowledge in this topic for me to import to the google doc at a later time? :smiley: any takers?

If you want to pm me your email i can send you a my cody doc. its very unorganized and unnecessarily long 16-19 pages but go for it

Well I suppose I’ve got a few things to add, also I tested the ex ruffian fake cross up hp yesterday on every character (turns out there’s only 7 it actually works on).

Could others also have your doc?
I’m not 100% sure as to how one goes about pming on srk. Never really had to do it.

PM me too please

No problem I’ll just upload a Google doc and post it was to lazy lol
Plus I’ve been having to much fun learning some other chars that I’ve been neglecting my fellow ruffians haha. loving sagat and fei. Cammy bores me but she’s soo good

Edit: Here it is

Its obscenely long but its organized in sections.
Any header in red i still need to clean up or add stuff

The ex ruffian double dash fake crossup doesn’t work on some of those characters listed. I know it can be blocked both ways on cody

And you should add ADN’s new unblockables to the list because he recently has been finding a lot

I tested the double dash corner fake crossup on everyone recently, only works on:

Thanks guys I’ll update it when I can I know there is some bad stuff in there it’s once to have done proofreader. After Wednesday when my family leaves I’ll check your responses out. So much responsibility :0 I would love to make the dock open for edits but I don’t trust trolls

Edit sent from my phone I swear I’m not illiterate lol

Make another copy of the doc and publish the copy? That way the original is safe but we can make updates to the copy and hope trolls dont destroy it

ill get on it. if i forget bitch me out via pms lol

Is there any way to make the doc viewable by everyone but only you can edit it or something? Then people could just pm you their edits.
Or if you feel that’s too much for you (, having to edit the document every time some one finds a setup or what ever could get tedious,) is there anyway to password the doc or make it editable for a select few on the cody forums that are looking for new tech/have something to share? I’m new to the google doc thing.

im planning on updating and properly formatting my cody doc with any of the advice i got from my posts in the forums in the next week or 2. I will post a revised version then and i will post a Original doc that noone can edit and a forum doc that people can edit. We should prolly make a new post for just the thread and have people post their changes so that if a troll ruins it before i can upload the updates it can be saved. give me a week or so as im back in classes

Something interesting I just found.

Cody’s far MK has a better hitbox while holding the knife than when not holding the knife

Checking his bcm file supports this. While holding the knife the hitbox on his far s.MK is positioned at 0.65 for the X coordinates. Without the knife it is at 0.5.

http://i.imgur.com/uQqpAda.jpg without knife (any closer and it hits, that is the max possible range for it to whiff on Ryu.)

http://i.imgur.com/2zgEqxj.jpg with the knife (max possible range for it to hit, any farther and it whiffs on Ryu.)

As you can see he gains about 1.5 small training blocks in reach. That is a pretty big deal. Testing in trail mode shows that this has actually existed since Super and no one caught it. Sort of like the HP Badstone frame data thing I discovered a few weeks ago.

^ Now that’s some good shit right there. Is this only the case with st. far MK? If it did it with st. HK, you might actually have a decent kara throw going.

far s.MK is the only kick that is different while holding the knife AFAIK, I’ll double check later though.

yo what im gonna do is do a cody reference doc and post it for editing and a hard copy. the doc i posted is so cluttered with obvious shit people can find in this forums stickies or many of the comprehensive posts people have made

The point will be
Frame Traps
and generic option selects

I will be making another reference doc for my self that is cody/akuma that has all the char specific shit in there and is searchable by char name
After seeing that pdf akuma doc compared to my own i makes sense. If anyone wants to fuck with the doc i uploaded feel free but i will be focusing on a quick reference doc for peopel that understand sf4 mechanics and are familiar with codys basics as well as frame data so if you want to pull and infiltration you can pull up shit inbetween your matches lol

If you want to know how to do a character document check out the Rindokan Bible from the Makoto forums. http://otersi.com/rindoukan/

So, how is the cody-document coming along? Would be really nice to get all this stuff down in a tight doc, really hard to memorize everything, all the setups and that.