A cody player needing help with blanka! bigtime



I NEED HELP. I feel I made alot of mistakes in this matchup. 9-10 times I loss to top Blanka’s!

Don’t look at whether I won or lose. This was some training matches between a friend of mine in the MI tourney scene. I felt really lucky here. :frowning:


Even though he lost I actually feel the blanka was thinking alright here. But dropped punishes and got punished, and then just kind of ate random damage, failed AAs and missed throw techs till he died.

I swear with some cody players it’s best to just walk around and wait for the inevitable low ruffian.


Really don’t like how octopus plays this matchup.


Even though I won I still feel really lucky. Looking back on this match I feel that it was played sloppy on my part. Any advice on how I can improve it?


I think the match up is even. I hear others say differently. You just need to familiarize yourself with what Blanka wants to do. Cody has good options for most of Blanka’s gimmicks and can pin him down pretty well.

Very rarely do I bump into a really good Blanka anyway. I usually end up edging them out. Not always of course, but usually.

A lot of them are very predictable, but that can be said for a lot of characters.