A Collection of Input Lag Questions

I?ve been reading a lot about input lag over the past couple of days, and I thought, what better place to ask about it than were all the Street Fighter nuts live?

a) I?ve heard about the whole SSFIV deal with the 2 frames of lag on PS3, but is this common with most multiplatform games or is it just some? I?ve read on other forums comparing the PS3 and 360 versions of a given game that some people feel the 360 version feels more responsive.

After testing out my PS3 on a CRT (and recording it then slowing it down), it?s pretty obvious that it suffers from input delay somehow. Here?s a video with examples slowed down to 1/4th of the original speed, if you?re interested. Click (Sega Ultimate Mega Drive Collection/Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix/Super Castlevania IV (on SNES, for comparison))

Is this just a delay caused by the PS3/TV downsampling the HD image into 576i, or is it a wireless controller thing? If this is the case, I wonder whether getting a USB adaptor for my wired PS2 controllers would solve this issue, but then I read that some adaptors cause an input lag when compared to the wireless PS3. Does anyone here know of a lag-free adaptor for PS2 controllers? (even if it?s not the case, a lag-free adaptor would be handy for playing with friends or relatives, since PS3 controllers are so dang expensive)

I also read on another sorta fighting game related forum that all games that were originally made for Xbox 360 (and most of them are, it seems) will suffer some input lag when ported to PS3 one way or another. If that?s true, then that?s big-time crappiness, as I only got my PS3 at the end of last December, and I?d hate to now have to play slightly-less-than-perfect versions of all the multiplatform titles I was looking forward to owning.

b) Also, kinda relevant Wii-related question, what?s the lag-status on these like? The sole Amazon review claims it has advantage over the Classic Controller, but I never trust anyone on Amazon. (It would also be cool to use with the GameBoy Player).

c) Since I use also my PS3 to watch movies a lot, I?m thinking of getting a cheap HDMI splitter so that I don?t have to worry about changing picture settings for games and movies, I can just have them in different inputs. I just wanted to be sure that HDMI splitters aren?t known to create any lag. I?m assuming they don?t since they don?t have to buffer anything and just turns on signal into two, but you never know…


a) Lag changes from game to game. AFAIK, Sixaxises/DS3s are lagless to a certain distance. If you want to go the converter route, though, check this thread for information on PS2->PS3 converters.
b) I don’t know of any tests that have been done with that converter. Your best bet is to get it and test it yourself.
c) If the splitter is powered, you should be fine.

Edit: Look at this thread for more information on HDTV input lag.

Yeah, I’ve read through that thread, but it’s all about lag caused by the TVs, and not controllers/games. Thanks for your help anyway.

So if the lag from my PS3 tests is not from the controller, then what is it? The PS3 going from 1080p to 576i? I just hope to hell this isn’t a problem with the games themself.

After doing some more reading, it seems that more game developers are using the PS3 as the lead console since it’s easier to move code from PS3 to 360 and vice versa. Will this mean that there will be less SSFIV scenarios or is the PS3’s more complex architecture what’s causing these input lag problems?

I can’t watch your video I’m afraid, but is the “lag” any more than the normal delay in SF4 between pushing a button and start up frames? Usually a PS3 won’t lag on a SD TV.

I don’t know, I don’t have SF4. But if I’m not mistaken, HD Remix seems to be lagging more than the Sonic emulation. You are tearing me apart PS3!

Is there anyway I can directly send the video to you?

Anyone know of any 360 games that are known to have more lag than the PS3 version? I need hope.

Super Turbo has inherent input delay as well, so of course HDR will.

Yeah, I read in the Super Turbo forum that the PS3 HD Remix has 8 frames of input lag (not sure whether that’s just Classic Mode though). That?s 4 more that the original Super Turbo and 1-2 more than the Xbox version. Ouch. Anyway I can test for myself? It’s complicated, since my PAL PS3 only outputs SD signals at 25fps, while the games themselves (and my camera, I assume) run at 30fps/60fps.

What’s got me worried is not HD Remix, but Sonic. If HD Remix is lagging by 8 frames, and Sonic looks like it’s about half or 1/3 of that, then it’s still lagging 3-4 more frames than it should. Is input lag a common issue with emulation?

Also, about wireless vs. wired, this guy claims 0.4 frames less lag when using a wired controller. HOWEVER, I thought plugging in the DS3 through the USB only recharged it’s batteries, and input is still being transmitted wirelessly?