A Columbus thread WTF!?!?!?!?

Yo Bitches, this is Sean for all u who don’t know, and just lettin it be known that we need to get crackin more so on these capcom things. CFJ is out tomorrow, we got the players for all the other capcom games, we just aren’t militant enough :badboy: . I’m gonna put the time in, and anyone who wants to get on the come up with some ppls, holla at ya boy.

Hehe, you know I’m game. I’m getting kinda sick of #r anyway, this should be fun.

And no matter how much you try to convince me otherwise, I’m playing Hauzer. =P



ok yall, some CFJ and some other Capcom style tomorrow at my place.

Clayton: what up G, u know ure interested, and it’s not like it’s KOF: MI though … maybe … :badboy:

lol, i will play you guys someday in kof still, just have to think of some day down the road when i can acctauly get down to ohio again.

GGs to all, mad fun tonight, we’ll prolly play some more soon (maybe this saturday). Just let me know

damn Josh, way to improve, impressive. Impressed by Kevin, Jason, Avi, etc. Looks like yall are gettin the hang of it all.
I was perusing the CFE forums and there was a person who is apparently in C-bus but we dunno maybe, Sairou Kyoshu. I have no clue who that is but maybe it’s someone we know already, maybe it’s someone we can get together and play wit. We’ll see.

sup foooos
uhhhhh. rose is ganna kick ure asses next time we play…
…uh, the new kof 94 comming out looks coo. HIGH RES MAN shoot, we should play that.

hi guys

fucking cfj…

wtf member of team jin lol.

wow i found this thread.

My Leo will prevail :frowning:

Yo Jason, lol is what I will say to u.

to NEC peoples: Impressive showing by all I must say, madd props

Nice seeing everyone again, till we meet again.


columbus tourney at a LAN cafe sometime soon? what? that’d be tight:clap:.

sucks i couldn’t make it to NEC, sounds like everybody had a blast. we should get a tourney going sometime over christmas break that all of OH and out of staters can come to.

i’ll talk with fugi about possible dates, and post what works well with everyone.


popoblo: I shall get at Fuji about the tourney, and get shit crackin. Hope to challenge you on the field of battle soon. :slight_smile:

tight. i’m thinking of possible dates, and they’re pretty limited to be honest. dec 18th is too short of notice, dec 25th is christmas, jan 1st is new years day…jan 8th looks good though because i’m completely free. i know i’m busy the entire weekend of jan 15th. jan 22nd sounds possible, but it seems so far away. so basically jan 8th or 22nd works really well with me (and the only other date that would work with other people would be jan 15th, considering christmas and new years day don’t sound like good tourney dates).

tell me what ya’ll think, and hopefully we can book the place and get a tourney announcement out early to promote it and make it huge.


well, just to let u know ohio con is the weekend of jan 15, so i dont know, maybe something can be worked out with that or something. the only prob is u have to pay to get in… i think.

what’s up lunchbox, remember me, daniel? is there a website or something with info on ohiocon? like where it is?

so i guess jan 8 or jan 22 are the only workable dates. tell me what ya’ll think, and i’ll get at fugi at AIM or something.


sup man, of course i remember u from my good old marvel days. anyway, here is the link for ohio con http://ohayocon.com/

hmmmmmm, the problem is that $20 cover fee if we were to hold a tourney there on saturday. that’s pretty damn steep.

fugi, do you ever get on AIM?


Dan I work 3pm-1130pm mon-fri so Im usually on late…I like A tourny in January…Ill see whats good. Also Abe from Ft Wayne is plannig another gathering on Dec 18th. We should look into invading it with Chicago peeps. I would love to see you and Domingos CvS2 grudge match go down…peace