A Columbus thread WTF!?!?!?!?

my bad fugi, i had no idea you worked so late and sorry if i came off as being annoying/too persistent. i just want to get a tourney announcement out early if we can get this thing together.

the problem with going to Abe’s is that i’m leaving for florida RIGHT when finals are done, which is Thurs, Dec 17th, so i’ll already be gone. i think i’m coming back around dec 22 or 23. i’d love to play domingo also. and floe, and juicy_g, and the whole chicago crew. maybe i can prove something considering how cocky i’ve been lately:sad:.

would you mind seeing if we could get the LAN cafe for those two dates, and if so, i can post in the midwest forum a general poll (or just ask around) and see which date works best for people. post what you think. let’s just try and do it sooner than later.


lanlords gaming is closing this month so I will look elsewhere. I wanna do a tourny in cincy in jan…so be on the look out…one

hmmmmm, well i guess a tourney in c-bus is ruled out now. i talked to chris and he said he was gonna stop by the LAN cafe in oregonia and see if either jan 8 or jan 22 would work, considering ohayocon is jan 15th. i’d lean towards jan 22 now to get enough notice out there for people to call off work and what not.

tell me what you think, or if you have an alternate location we could use OTHER than the LAN cafe chris was talking about that he knows the manager.


PS- and let me write up the tourney announcement thread, i’ve got some interesting challenges:karate:. hopefully i’ll catch you on AIM sometime.

i might be able to get the osu room again.


why didn’t i think of that earlier? i asked fugi about that awhile ago, and he said he wasn’t a student there so he couldn’t get it. but since you are, that would be HUGE. i’m sure they don’t charge anything to get it, it’s just a simple matter of booking it. it looks like jan 22 or jan 29 are good dates now. if fugi or chris rose can’t come up with anything, having it there would definitely be a good idea.

but whatever happens, let’s get things organized SOON to give people enough notice. and i’ll throw in an extra $25 or $50 to the winner of cvs2 to make things more interesting.


PS- what’s your AOL IM screen name? i’m delarocha53

EDIT- fugi told me to write up the tourney announcement, so i’ve got it ready for january 22, just tell me know if you actually have a room at OSU and i’ll post it and advertise it and all that good stuff.

so we won’t know if we can have the room at OSU until after winter break, is that right? like in early january?

and me, chris rose, and ryan (infantry) are going to come up to c-bus sometime and game at fugi’s, just to let you guys know. we should throw a little mini-tourney or something.


just let me know when that is goin down and we can get some people over there to game harder. In the interest of all that is gametacular, let’s get that crackin.

depends on how many people fugi’s place can hold and how many people he minds having over.

but ALL of c-bus and then some better be at the tourney, it’s looking like jan 22.


any news on having OSU or somewhere else as a tourney place? i talked to chris rose and he’s gonna look into having the LAN cafe around oregonia as a possible tourney location too. but since NOTHING is set in stone with either, try and see what’s the deal with both.


i need to get a factulty or staff and fill out a paper. if it goes thru for the 22nd.
ill let you know.

awesome, thanks

do you think we should go for jan 29th or even feb 5th to give better notice? 3 weeks sounds short notice for most people with work and what not.

tell me what you guys think.

well dang guy i already turned in the form, and i already got the room.

well if you wanna hold it on the 22nd i’ve got the room. (according to OSU.)

sorry for the poor communication.

if you do want to use it, we’d better start hyping it now, with a 2 week notice lol.

hmmmmmmm, i’ll ask around and see who can come on 2 weeks notice. basically, if ft wayne, MI, cincy, KY, and others can come, we’re good.

i’m hoping c-bus can come already, BUT POST UP WHO CAN COME JUST IN CASE.


PS- can you please give me some more details on what you got at OSU? like how big is the room, what times do we have it, and other stuff like that?

Saturday 22nd,
12noon to 8pm est.
OSU campus Math Building East Annex (EA) room 160 (the room with the big projection screen lecture hall) there is another room right next door which is the same size, and a large hallway with tables.

you’ve been there before when we ran one there right?

anyway OSU is pretty lazy about scheduling rooms, i could try and send in another form and reserve it for another day. They really dont check the forms.

if you want me to try and get another day thats fine too.

thanks for the details. and yea, i was at the last one awhile back, i remember the place exactly. i just wish we could get that room with more than 2 weeks notice. i posted in all the other threads asking who could come and what not, so we’ll just see what people are coming.

C-BUS GUYS, WHO IS COMING TO THIS? will fugi’s dojo be there :karate:

and can you give me some type of address or directions so people can mapquest it or whatever?


i can try and fill out another form for another date. They really don’t look at them, i think it autoschedules it to tell you the truth.

the form i turned in i put my name as “Mr. Kim” i didn’t put my osu email on there, and i put my friend’s phonenumber not mine,
and as the student organization i wrote “Team Serious” and for the Purpose i put “to play video games”

and it got accepted… so honestly I could probably schedule it again because the office of scheduling at OSU is completely lazy.

however there is always the small chance it could get denied.

so if you just wanna go ahead and have it on the 22nd thats cool too.

if it’s like that, then i would really like to get one on february 5th to get sufficient notice out there. 2 weeks notice just seems like we’re throwing it together for the sake of having a tourney IMO.

okay I have other options too. i’ll let you know if i get a room booked for the 5th

j1n better watch his ears at night

you might as well submit the form for feb 12th in that case so there will be enough time. sorry for all this man, you’re doing a huge service to the gamers around here who haven’t been to a tourney in months/years.

so i say submit a form for feb 12th, we’ll hype it up big time, and this will be better than the cleveland tournies. i think it’s best to hold off for a tourney on jan 22 in such short notice.


PS- juicy g, you should bring a car full of chicago players and come down for this too once we get the date set:karate:.